#my99psummer week 1 with @99pstoresuk

I’ve been given a challenge by 99p Stores – they sent me £10.00 voucher and asked me to see exactly what I could spend it on – this is the start of #my99psummer.

My plan was to get something for the garden and then a variety of things to keep a 3 and half-year old Monkey amused through the summer holidays – come rain or shine.

So while monkey spent his last day at pre-school before the holidays last week I went shopping to see if I could fulfill my plans.  How do you think I did?

www.over40andamumtoone.com #my99psummer haul
www.over40andamumtoone.com #my99psummer haul

So, the first purchase was for the birds in our garden – a new feeder complete with bird food.

www.over40andamumtoone.com  #my99psummer bird feeder
#my99psummer bird feeder

Task 1 – completed – something for the garden!

Task 2 – something to amuse Monkey on a dull day …….

www.over40andamumtoone.com #my99psummer wooden puzzle jeep
www.over40andamumtoone.com #my99psummer wooden puzzle jeep

Monkey was eager to do some painting, so I decided to let his creativity loose on the wooden puzzle jeep.

www.over40andamumtoone.com Monkey and the jeep
www.over40andamumtoone.com Monkey and the jeep

The instructions advised us to make the puzzle up and then paint it.  In hindsight, with a 3 and half year old Monkey I probably would have got him to paint all the elements before putting it together, but anyway …..

www.over40andamumtoone.com #my99psummer a wooden painted jeep
www.over40andamumtoone.com #my99psummer a wooden painted jeep

Monkey really enjoyed this project, I thought he’d get bored, but he stuck with it and painted everything to his satisfaction.  I also thought we’d run out of paint as the pots were so small – but no, we had lots of paint left over, so am sure we’ll make use of that at a later date.  The set also came with a brush, so we were ready to go as soon as we opened the box.

The only issue we have had, was with the steering wheel, I just cannot get it to stay attached to the car if I follow the instructions.  I think we will have to glue it in place, but for 99p it is still a real bargain, and the jeep now sits on Monkey’s bedroom shelf in pride of place.

Watch this blog to see what we do with our next bargains!

disclaimer:  we were given £10 voucher to purchase the items for the #my99psummer posts for review, our comments however, remain our own honest thoughts.



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  1. I’m doing this too – I was already a fan of the 99pStores. I’m entertaining a teen though! Looking forward to seeing what else you’ve bought though. I’ve started with some silly toys, and some festivals bits and bobs.

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