Isn’t friendship a wonderful thing?  I’m lucky to have a number of great friends, but I have a couple who have been very close friends forever.

One such friend, Miss A, is more like a sister to me.  We are very close, though sadly not geographically!

We met when I got asked to leave home at 18 – let’s just say I was a rebel (without much of a cause really) and had a very bad relationship with my poor Mum for a number of years.  There’s a long blog post there at some point; I just hope I have an easier ride with Monkey, than my Mum did with me!

I needed a home, quickly and through a chance remark in a bar, I was introduced to Miss A, who had been let down by someone who was supposed to house share with her. We clicked immediately and I moved in to the house with her and her older brother.

We became really close friends, socialised together and even worked together when she helped me get a better paid job where she worked.  I wonder how many 18/19 year olds could work, rest and play together and NEVER fall out.

We’ve been there for each other through a lot of turmoil, mostly in her life, sadly, and 27 years later (how the heck did that happen!!!) we are as close today as we were as mad young things living the high life.

Unfortunately due to health issues she struggles to sit in, let alone, drive a car for more than 15 minutes, so hasn’t been able to visit me for 3 years. So I drive up to see her every couple of months, a while ago we decided to make it a girlie day on a Sunday so Daddy P could look after Monkey for me.

We always have a laugh and can talk for England from the minute I arrive.  We are very different, but very alike, if that makes any sense at all!

This Sunday I set off up the motorway and we spent the day in tears – laughter induced I have to add.  We talked non stop for hours, she taught me more about my Iphone (techno dinosaur that I am) and I told her all about my latest adventures with my blog baby.

We went out for lunch and then on to a local arts and craft centre.  We both adore jewellery and found a bracelet each – got to treat yourself every so often – right?

Bracelet, glass, metal, friendship Bracelet

My teenage years were full of conflict and angst, but without that I would never have met Miss A.

I cannot imagine my life without her.  She always calls me her little sister (she’s a whole year older than me – as I remind her each birthday as we edge closer to the next milestone birthday).  I am blessed to have her in my life and hope my son will have such a close friend to share his life with.

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