A day out at Bowood House Gardens

You may remember earlier in the year we attended the Tractor Ted Farm Show which was held in the gardens of Bowood House in Calne, Wiltshire.  Well we’d spent the day with Monkey’s godmum and her daughter and on our way out we spotted what looked like an amazing adventure playground and we promised the children that we would return during the summer holidays.  So last week we had a day out at Bowood House Gardens.

A day out at Bowood House and Gardens
www.over40andamumtoone.com Bowood House and Gardens

We met our friends there when it opened at 11am, bought a family ticket for 2 adults & 2 children for £31.50 and started the day in the Tractor Ted’s Little Farm area much to Monkey’s delight.  This area is great for pre-schoolers like Monkey aged 3 and half years, but even his friend aged 7 years had fun.

Bowood House and Gardens
www.over40andamumtoone.com Tractor Ted’s Little Farm

There were some small farm animals inside and outside, an area with graphics from the Tractor Ted books, some books to read and DVD playing, a pedal tractor track, the digger area (Monkey’s highlight of the day) and also a real life tractor, not forgetting a Tractor Ted the kids can climb on too.  You can meet some of the animals at certain times during the day, but as we’ve been to a few farms lately, Monkey didn’t want to get up personal to anymore wildlife this time!

There are picnic tables with parasols in this area, so once the children had had some fun, we decided to have our picnic lunch in this area.  The toilets were handy there too.

Then it was time to head off to the Adventure Playground – as you know Monkey is not particularly adventurous, and some of this area, which is amazing, was definately for older children.  But both children had lots of fun in different areas.  There was a lot to keep them amused, as well as a lovely open area for picnics.

After a well-earned ice cream, Monkey decided he wanted to visit the Lake, we walked through the Formal Gardens down to the lake and the Temple.  We saw the waterfall but didn’t go in the caves – not quite brave enough for that today.

a day trip to Bowood House and Gardens
www.over40andamumtoone.com Bowood House and Gardens

We could have gone in the house – but Monkey and priceless objects are not such a good mix!

We had a lovely day out, the weather was wonderful which helped.  We may well be back this weekend as there is a Big Farm Machines event featuring Tractor Ted!


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  1. We’ll have to visit. Despite living quite close to Bowood, I’ve never visited. LO went there last week with his summer camp and I can see I’m missing out!

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