Schwartz Perfect Shake and Grill Mates

Schwartz Perfect Shake, Grill Mates

I’ve been a big fan of Schwartz and their dried herbs and spices for a long time, as my well used spice rack will testify.  You may remember that I tested out their 2 in 1 seasoning mixes a while a go.  So when I heard of a couple of new ranges I’d not used before, I jumped at the chance to try them Schwartz Perfect Shake and Grill Mates. Schwartz Perfect Shake and Grill Mates Schwartz Perfect Shake and Grill Mates

First up the Perfect Shakes ….

Perfect Shake Herb & Spice Blends can be sprinkled onto food prior to cooking, used in sauces or marinades, or added last minute to a dish for maximum flavour impact

There are 26 varieties in the range and I’ve been sent the Fish, Piri Piri, Chargrilled Chicken, Thai 7 Spice and Reduced Salt Season-All herb and spice mixes.

I was cooking a mince dish the other night and decided to add the Reduced Salt Season-All Perfect Shake to the mince as I cooked it.  Amongst other ingredients it contains red and green bell peppers, cumin and celery seeds – so perfect to add to my tomato based sauce.  It really added to the flavour. I’d expect nothing less to be fair.  I may well sprinkle this seasoning over my wedges the next time I make some too.

Perfect Shake from Schwartz Perfect Shake from Schwartz
Schwartz, Perfect Shake dinner with Perfect Shake

I was on a roll and as I’d got some chicken that I wanted to cook the next night, I had a look at the Grill Mates I’d received for a bit of inspiration.

There are 4 marinade mixes in the range; Smokey Texan, Mojito Lime, Cajun and Deep South Brown Sugar, of the 3 I’d received I decided to try the Cajun mix first.  I love Cajun seasoned food and so does my Monkey 3 and half year old son, so thought this could be a winner.

Cajin Grill Mates marinade mix, Schwartz Cajin Grill Mates marinade mix

The packet says you can marinade for 15 minutes or overnight – well I was organised so overnight would work out well. I added water and oil together along with the Cajun marinade mix, added the chicken, covered in cling film and stuck it in the oven overnight.

Grill Mates, Schwartz, preparing Cajun Chicken
preparing Cajun Chicken

This evening, I took the chicken out of the fridge, popped in a pre-heated oven for 45 minutes and ….. lovely Cajun Chicken for dinner – big thumbs up from my harshest critic.

Schwartz, Grill Mates Cajun Cajun Chicken with Grill Mates

All the items mentioned can be purchased in the supermarket now.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned for the purposes of review, our comments, however, remain our own, honest thoughts.

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