Chugger of the Year – a DVD review

We love Chuggington in this house, Monkey has been a huge fan for a couple of years.  I think regular readers might have guessed as much considering we named our cat Brewster when he arrived last August!  In fact, Monkey really wanted to call him Koko, but I didn’t want the cat to get a complex, and I’d spent 17 years having to tell people that my cat Roxy was a boy NOT a girl, and didn’t fancy doing that all over again!!  Anyway, I digress, huge fans of Chuggington – that’s us, so when we were sent Chugger of the Year – a new DVD release, one little Monkey was very happy indeed.

Chugger of the Year DVD, Chuggington Chugger of the Year DVD

This new Chuggington DVD – Chugger of the Year, was released last month and features 7 of our favourite Chuggington episodes.

For those of you who haven’t come across Chuggington before – it’s a lovely pre-schooler’s TV series on Cbeebies, about a town called Chuggington and the trains that live there.  There are three main Chugger trainee hero’s – Brewster (the loyal blue freight train), Wilson (the rather impulsive red train) and Koko (the speedy green and white girly train).  There are lots of lovely Chuggers in Chuggington; my personal favourite is poor old Puffer Pete, the old steam train.

So, a 3 and half year old Monkey looks at the DVD box to find out what is in treat for him.

Chugger of the Year, DVD, Chuggington Chugger of the Year – what to watch?

As I expected, he wanted to watch the whole 70 minutes in one go, this particular pack came with a Speedy McAllister die-cast train, so Monkey got comfortable with his beloved teddy and his new train – let the Chugger action commence Mummy.

As I mentioned earlier there are 7 episodes on this DVD:

Hoot V Toot, Stop the Press Emery, Babysitter Brewster, Chugger of the Year, Chug of War, Gold Wheels and Chug o Flage.

Each episode teaches children a few valuable lessons – working together, friendship and understanding, respect for one another and being open and honest, whilst also showing them what being a train is all about – learning about signals, tracks and the different types of engines.

We particularly like the Hoot V Toot episode – Hoot and Toot are twin brother and sister trainee engines, when Monkey was younger we explained that Hoot and Toot were like his friends S and Miss B, so he’s always liked Hoot and Toot as characters.  He especially likes Hoot in this episode, as he struggles to tell the difference between red and green (something Monkey struggles with too) and it gets him into all sorts of trouble.  His sister Toot, has to learn to understand that Hoot isn’t making trouble, but needs her help and understanding to overcome his problem.

There is also an extra – Meet the Chuggers – Speedy and Hoot and Toot.

Monkey loves Chuggington, so this DVD has been re-run a number of times since we received it and the theme tune is now firmly stuck in my head, again.

This DVD is available through all the normal outlets and is priced at £7.99, it get’s our recommendation.

disclaimer: we were sent this DVD for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own honest opinions.

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