A reward chart with a difference

We’ve been having a few problems with Monkey’s behaviour lately – biting, hitting, screaming – you name it.  We’ve definately been going through the Terrible Three’s big time.  Drastic action was required and when I heard about a reward chart with a difference, I was very much interested in trying it out.

Have you heard of Radical Reward Charts?

Radical Reward Charts are different from other charts on the market. They have been artist designed to appeal to young people, they offer visual progress by rising ‘up’ the chart ….

…..use of collage and painting then bringing them into a digital format. The wide use of images taken from nature adds an educational element to the charts.

There are six different collage type designs to choose from based on different types of animals.  With our love of insects there really was only one choice for this household – the Creepy Crawlies chart.

creepy-crawliesAs you can see the chart is really different from others on the market, the numbers are zigzagged across the chart and there are lots to discuss with Monkey about the various creatures.  You can order you chart as it is, or if you supply a head-to-toe photo of your child, this will be returned to you as a laminated cut-out to use to move up the chart.

Would it work?

Radiical Reward Chart, Creepy Crawlies
www.over40andamumtoone.com Creepy Crawlies Chart

The chart arrived on Thursday, I opened it after Monkey went to bed, it measures 30cm wide x 84cm tall and is printed on a mid gloss paper.  I used sticky tack to put it up on our kitchen door, along with our little Monkey figure.

Radical Reward Charts, a reward chart with a difference
www.over40andamumtoone.com Miniature Monkey

When Monkey came down for breakfast on Friday morning, I talked him through what the chart meant and how we would be using it.  I’ve now stuck a picture of a Steam Train at the very top of the chart and told him that we will not be going on a Steam Train again until he reaches the 20 at the top of the chart. Mummy means business.

He seemed to understand, was a very good boy with his friends that day, no biting, no tantrums, a good day, so he moved up to 2 on the chart.  He was very excited and asked to be picked up so we could count how far away he was from his beloved train ride.  He was also enchanted by all the bugs and butterflies.

Well on Saturday mid-morning he bit me because I wouldn’t let him watch TV, so I took him to time out and showed him his mini-Monkey move back to 1 on the chart.  The penny dropped very quickly.

It’s now Thursday, we’ve had a few wobbles along the way, but tonight Monkey has reached number 7 on his chart, a bluish beetle – he is so eager to get to number 20 – so let’s hope this chart really can keep him on the straight and narrow and stop him eating all his friends!

The charts can be purchased direct from Radical Reward Charts or from Amazon for £14.99 which includes postage & packing and a mini child for your chart.  Although the chart itself is probably more than I would have expected to pay, you can use it over and over again.  If you have children who are likely to rip the chart, then I would suggest placing higher on a wall/door to avoid any damage that way.  The only other comment I have is that it would be nice to receive a little list telling us what each animal is on the chart – I don’t know what all the species are on our chart and Monkey really wanted to know what he was landing on!

disclaimer:  we were sent this product for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own honest thoughts.


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