Pom-Bear Halloween snacks

I know!  I’m organised!  You should know me by now (actually I don’t seem to be very organised with a lot of things at the moment but we’ll skim over that!).  So Halloween is not so far away now.  Monkey wasn’t that bothered by it last year, he has two girl friend’s who will celebrate their 4th birthdays on Halloween this year – he was far more interested in birthday cake last year, than trick or treats.  I wonder what interest he will show this year?  I know something that will definately heighten his interest.  He loves Pom-Bear crisps, well this year he can enjoy Pom-Bear Halloween snacks!

Pom-Bear Halloween snacksThese Halloween treats are the Limited Edition Pickled Onion Pom-Bear Halloween snacks.  They were launched last year, and have returned for a second visit to our supermarket shelves.

Pom-Bear Halloween snacksThe snacks are spooky pickled onion flavour, with the same light and airy texture that has become synonymous with Pom-Bear.  Each pack is less than 100 calories, suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and has no added colours or ‘scary’ preservatives.

Monkey very generously shared the first packet of these Halloween themed Pom-Bears with me.  They didn’t last long!  They have a far milder Pickled Onion flavour than other brands available, which actually makes them brilliant for children in my opinion.

I liked them, but for my personal taste, I would like a stronger flavour BUT these are crisps aimed at children – so perfect, go away Mummy, leave the rest for me!  Ok Monkey!

The 6 pack of Pom-Bear Halloween snacks can be purchased from supermarkets priced at £1.59 per pack – more of a treat than a trick wouldn’t you say!

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disclaimer:  we were sent this product for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own honest opinions.

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    1. They are nice, I took some on our playdate this afternoon for Monkey’s friends and Mum’s to try. The kids all loved them and us Mum’s all agreed that the flavour is fairly mild so ideal for younger children. I’m having to stop myself eating the couple of packets we have left or my son will not be happy with me.

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