Autumn in the garden

I must admit that I’ve neglected the garden these last few weeks.Ā  I’ve been so caught up with Monkey and his start at Nursery School that everything else has passed me by. Now its Autumn in the garden.

Yesterday we finally gave up hope of our cherry tomatoes ever turning red in the garden šŸ™

We’ve picked them, put them in a paper bag with a banana (thank you Pippa @ Red Rose Mummy) and put them in a cupboard – please turn red soon!!Ā  We are meant to be making a video of ‘grow it, pick it, eat it’ for the National Trust 50 Things to do before you’re 11 3/4 – not quite going to plan!Ā  We even have new flowers – very confusing.

autumn in the garden DSC00232 DSC00233

Our sunflowers are pretty much all out now – Daddy P’s has started to wilt, mine is still ok and Monkey’s is really attracting the bees at the moment.

autumn in the garden
Monkey’s sunflower
DSC00148, autumn in the garden
My sunflower

autumn in the gardenautumn in the gardenThe garden is still full of little bursts of colour, but more on the foliage side of things now.

We have really well established trees behind the fence at the bottom of the garden and over the weeks ahead we’ll watch as all the leaves start to fall.Ā  I have to admit that I get rather sad when that happens.Ā  I’m certainly a Spring person, by birth too! But on the up side, we’ll get to watch our grey squirrels do their acrobatics through the branches and get a clear view of all our resident birds – things could be worse.

On a final note – chances of this pumpkin being anywhere near ready for Halloween????

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23 thoughts on “Autumn in the garden

  1. Love your photo’s and the pumpkin made me laugh! You could always make green tomato chutney which is delicious and would keep for months! X

  2. If you search for fried green tomatoes some rather yummy looking breadcrumbed green tomatoes come up. Never had them but they look delicious. Sorry to hear about your pumpkin! We use to have acrobatic squirrels, they were hilarious to watch! šŸ™‚

  3. I’m so happy to hear you still have bees, they have all done a bunk down here sadly, and I’m missing their furry little faces greeting me from the lavender bush as I walk out of the front door in the mornings.
    Banana in with tomatoes? Is this a top tip?
    Lovely photos and colours – liking how you have done the round images x

    Thanks for joining in again !

    1. Thanks for your comments šŸ™‚ Yes, top tip – OH is is also in the fruit and veg business – apparently bananas let off some gas (can’t remember what) and it works magic – wish he’d told me that weeks ago!

      Big fan of bees and bugs, sad to see them all in decline these days.

  4. I didn’t think our tomatoes were going to make it but I harvested 30 yesterday and 40 today! There’s still probably the same again on the vines but they’re all green, the ones I harvested were a lovely red. They seem to be ripening in a matter of days šŸ™‚ Hope yours work with the banana x

  5. If your pumpkin doesn’t make it to human sized standards, I have some troll dolls who would be willing to buy it off you for their Halloween celebrations:-) I really LOVE your collage of all the details. Very effective!

  6. Still lots of gorgeous colour in your garden! Really like the collage šŸ™‚ Let us know if the banana with the tomatoes works!

    1. Thanks, it’s been so weird here weatherwise, yesterday you would have thought it was late June – a beautiful day, today – yuck! I don’t think nature knows what to do. They’re not turning yet šŸ™

  7. i adore sunflowers they are so brazen and happy. As for squirrels i keep catching our local hoodies trying to break into my walnut box in the garage. Your garden is still amazing and turning out fab colour

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