On your marks ….

We’ve been trying to get to grips with Monkey and his afternoon grumpiness since starting Nursery School.  I’m still a bit confused – as he did 14 hours over 4 days (one day he was there for 5 solid hours) at the old pre-school and now he’s doing 15 hours over 5 days.  Why is he so much more tired now?  I don’t know.  He is absolutely loving it there so that’s really good.  We’ve tried to have more quiet time at home, not managed to get him napping, but we’ve read, watched a film, baked some cakes and made bird cakes.  On a lovely sunny afternoon we needed to get out in the garden – on your marks, get set, GO!

Monkey had so much fun, running up and down the garden, bouncing on and off his trampoline and making an obstacle course of the garden furniture.  Simple things, but so lovely to see him smiling in the afternoon.  Just being out in the back garden.

Being us, of course, we had to spot some beasties too!

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28 thoughts on “On your marks ….

  1. Maybe it’s just the fact he’s there every days that’s tiring him out, I’m sure he’ll adapt. Looks like he had a brilliant time in the garden and you found some great creepy crawlies to photograph! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. We’re the same. Bug has just gone into year 2 and the tiredness has shocked me. He used to be such a carefree boy, and now the slightest thing makes him grumpy – I put it down to the increased workload – it may be no more time but it’s lots more concentration

  3. Great set of photos – he is clearly having an absolute ball 🙂 As you say, it’s easy to forget that we can just open the back door!

  4. We’re having it with H now she’s started reception – she did longer days (but one less) at nursery and is shattered by the end of the week. Mind, I am too, getting used to five days at work again.

    Someone told me to think of it like starting a new job – exhausting but you get there eventually, which made the most sense to me.

  5. I’m sure Monkey will settle down into the new routine soon, sometimes they find it overwhelming but don’t know how to explain it to you! Lovely happy photos of fun in the garden, you don’t need to go far for some outdoor fun. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. Change of routine is tough on all of us. I’m sure it will settle down soon. Love your bug photos. Spiders are so busy covering the gardens in webs at the moment. Fascinating.

  7. Lovely pictures, he looks very happy dashing around! Am sure he will get used to the new changes soon, my youngest went full time and it was quite a shock for him I think! He comes out very grumpy and overtired! x

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