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Design and Drill Activity Center – a review for Junior Scholars

Last Saturday we were invited to attend a Blogger Event in Watford, hosted by the lovely team at Junior Scholars.  At the end of the event we were offered a game to try at home.  We selected the Design and Drill Activity Center.

Design and Drill Activity Center The Design and Drill Activity Center is aimed at children from 3 – 7  years.  Perfect for a DIY loving Monkey who will be 4 this December.

Monkey had really enjoyed playing with a Peg Board at the Bloggers Event at Junior Scholars, and as he loves Drilling, I thought this Design & Drill Activity Center would really appeal to him.

DSC00518The Design and Drill Activity Center consists of an Activity Board with 100 holes, a battery operated drill (you will need 3 x AA batteries as these are not included), 3 different drill bits, 120 brightly coloured bolts in red, yellow, blue, green and purple, a wrench and 10 double-sided activity cards to give your youngster plenty of inspiration.


As soon as we got home on Saturday, Monkey wanted to get this out of the box and start having fun.  We didn’t have any batteries, so after a quick walk to our local Tesco, batteries were fitted and away he went!

Monkey has been playing with this all week, most of the time he’s preferred to ‘free style’.  But we’ve talked about colours, we’ve counted bolts and spaces on the board, we’ve made a butterfly from one of the activity cards, and I’ve made letters and numbers.  I can see endless possibilities with this set.

Monkey can easily change the drill bits on the power drill and there is a manual screwdriver option too.  The only issue we’ve had with this product is that on our power drill the ‘forward’ and reverse’ switches are labelled incorrectly.  Not a major problem, just confused us to start with.

Sometimes he uses the drill to fix the bolts, sometimes his hands, so it’s great for his manual dexterity.  He can easily undo the bolts manually or by using the wrench.

The set is easily packed away.  Both the activity cards and bolts/drills are supplied in thick plastic resealable bags, and everything fits neatly back into the outer box at the end of play time. The plastic components are made of durable plastic so I’m confident that we won’t have to deal with any broken parts.

We’d give the Design and Drill Activity Center from Junior Scholars, a big thumbs up.

disclaimer: we were given this product for the purpose of review, our comments however, are our own honest opinions.


16 thoughts on “Design and Drill Activity Center – a review for Junior Scholars

  1. I reckon N would love this.

    He’s got a push drill and a pick up truck that you can drill all the sides/doors/roof on and off that was one of my brother’s toys when he was a child. He loves it, although it’s quite hard work for someone his age. So I reckon he’d love this one. Might put it on his birthday/Christmas list for other people to check out.

  2. That looks really good. It is very different from anything I have seen in normal toy shops and great that it is educational at the same time as being great fun!

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