Keeping me warm on Bonfire Night

I’m always cold, I was most certainly born in the wrong country.  I need warmth all year round! I’m the kind of person who visits the likes of Thailand, turns the air conditioning off and sleeps under duvets, blankets and sheets.  Yes, I really have done that, on every holiday I’ve ever been on.  My feet and hands are always like ice, and if I feel cold it takes me ages to warm up.  So finding clothes that can help with keeping me warm on Bonfire Night is of major importance.  A few hours standing around outside in the evening, in a muddy field normally leaves me chilled to the bone.  Well not this year.  This year I have a special thermal top to keep me warm.

Keeping me warm on Bonfire Night

This thermal round neck sweater is from Damart and contains Thermolactyl, which keeps you warm but is really lightweight.  I was really surprised by how warm I felt as soon as I put this top on – I honestly did.  Now this top’s first project will be keeping me warm on Bonfire Night.  I’ll be wearing it tonight with a cardigan and coat.  The nice thing about this top is that with the metallic thread detail I can wear it by itself too.  The grey colour is great for me too as it will go with my favourite blue and raspberry coloured jumpers.

I have a feeling my new top will be put to the test a lot this autumn/winter.  At Monkey’s old pre-school us Mum’s could wait in an outer hall to pick our kids up, but at Nursery School we have to brave the elements.  I’ve already been stood there shaking with cold – no more!

Monkey and I are often out and about on one of our many adventures.  Although the outdoor adventures are normally very much dependant on temperature – I really am a warm weather girl – sorry, I just am.  Well now, I shall feel so much warmer when we’re out and about, perhaps we’ll be out more in the colder weather too.

Damart’s thermal range is celebrating a 60th year of production with a great competition – you can nominate someone here.

I wish you all a safe and warm Bonfire Night – enjoy yourselves 🙂

disclaimer:  we were sent this item for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own, honest opinions at all times.


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