Brewster gets pampered by Wilko

As you know we are a cat household and Brewster moved in last August as a little kitten.  He’s made the place his own ever since and does tend to rule the roost!.  Well apparently Brewster was getting a bit fed up with Monkey getting all the attention on this blog.  Even more so, when he’d been sent on holiday to the cattery recently.  Luckily for him he now gets his moment in the limelight!  Brewster gets pampered by Wilko.

Brewster gets pampered by Wilko, WilkoI’ve been a fan of Wilko for years and was more than pleased when we finally got our own store.  They do a wide range of products from beauty, home furnishings and some great bits for kids.  They also have a wide range of products in their Pets section, and Brewster was pleased with his latest selection of treats.

Brewster did have a few toys when we first had him as a kitten, but a rather enthusiastic Monkey had managed to break most of them.  I just hadn’t got round to replacing them, so Brewster was more than pleased with his new Fishing Rod and Large Catnip Mouse.

Brewster gets pampered by Wilko with his new brush too.  With his long hair, I often have to resort to a metal comb to detangle his fur – not much liked by Brewster.  He’s been rather happier to have a bit of brush instead for a change.

Brewster also received the Wilko favourite feast selection with salmon in jelly and chicken in gravy.  My young fluff ball is rather a fussy puss cat and won’t eat anything with gravy in it, so we’ve shared the pampering session with Charcoal, his buddy from next door.  But the salmon in jelly have gone down a treat.

Brewster gets pampered by Wilko and he’s rather pleased with himself!

Brewster gets pampered by Wilko

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