Constructive Eating Set

Constructive Eating Set – a review for IWOOT

My nearly 4 year old Monkey is at that awful stage (I’m praying it’s a stage – not a permanent feature!) of being a pain at dinner time.  He ate anything and everything until he hit his second birthday, and since then I’ve never been totally confident on what he will eat on any given day. One day he loves broccoli, the next, he won’t touch it.  He will eat a jacket potato if it’s scooped out and mixed with something like tuna, but won’t eat mashed potato.  You get the picture.  So anything that might encourage him to make dinner time less stressful for me has got to be worth a try! Well the team at IWOOT heard of my plight and thought they’d offer me a solution – the Constructive Eating Set.

Constructive Eating SetIWOOT (The new name of are an on-line retailer offering a whole host of gift ideas and a perfect place to look for Christmas ideas for all the family.

The Constructive Eating Set is a 3 piece plastic set for children aged 3 years and over.

Constructive Eating Set Constructive Eating Set

The theme was an instant hit with my construction mad Monkey. He loved the idea of a Bulldozer as part of his cutlery. Sadly, it didn’t actually get him eating mashed potato, but he did actually play with it, so a step in the right direction.  He struggled with the fork in this set.  It was difficult to secure his veg onto the prongs, unlike with his normal metal set, this bothered me, far more than it did Monkey!

Constructive Eating Set Constructive Eating Set

The Constructive Eating Set was out again for breakfast the next morning, and the spoon as his favourite now!

Constructive Eating Set Constructive Eating Set

Priced at £11.99 the Constructive Eating Set would be well received by any construction mad little one this Christmas!

disclaimer:  we were sent this set for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own honest opinions


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