Colourful Advent Calendar

Colourful Advent Calendar

I am ever so slightly obsessed with Advent Calendars.  I think it goes back to my childhood and the days before all the rectangular cardboard ones you get these days with tiny bits of chocolate in them.  Our Advent Calendar as children: we had one, one between the two of us, we had the same one every year, and not a chocolate in sight! We loved it, it was traditionally themed, with glitter for snow, we only fought over who opened the last door.  We have a number of Advent Calendars in my house now, I’m sharing one of them with you, my new colourful advent calendar from Advent Star.

DSC09904 DSC09905

Not only is my new Advent Calendar colourful, it’s also 3D!  It came in a kit form so I could make it up as I liked.  Now as Monkey is nearly 4, I went for a Primary Coloured Kit with pre-coloured pages, there are options for Pastel Colours and for Colour Yourself and Design Yourself for slightly older children.

There are a set of very clear instructions that came with my colourful advent calendar set and it was very easy to construct.  You will need a Stanley knife to cut the windows out, but otherwise you only need a pair of scissors and some glue.  I made the mistake of using a glue stick (a stronger glue is definately a better idea).  I’m sure with supervision an older child could happily make this colourful advent calendar themselves.  Monkey is not quite at that stage, and I wanted it to look perfect!

You start by cutting out and making the central cube.  Everything is clearly labelled so it’s very easy to construct.

colourful advent calendar  colourful advent calendar colourful advent calendar colourful advent calendar

You then need to cut out all of the sides and carefully cut the windows (you will need a Stanley knife for this part), all very clearly outlined.

colourful advent calendar colourful advent calendar

colourful advent calendar colourful advent calendar

You are then in a position to cut out the window inserts and glue to the back of the windows.

colourful advent calendar colourful advent calendar colourful advent calendarThen you can start to assemble your colourful advent calendar into its 3D form.

Now as I said, I used a glue stick which wasn’t strong enough to keep my colourful advent calendar in one piece, but with a bit of stronger glue it’s now ready for 1st December.

Priced between £6-8 depending on which 3D calendar option you choose, I think this is a lovely idea, something a little different and with no chocolate in sight!

What do you think?

disclaimer:  we were sent this item for the purpose of review, our comments however remain our own, honest opinions.


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