new treats

New treats

I always like to try new things and food is nothing different! While I was away at our recent Bloggers Night In weekend I had the opportunity to try some new treats.

new treatsThere were a few revelations amongst the new treats I tasted.  The first has to be the Tenderstem broccoli.  I have never even considered eating raw broccoli before – well, one of my new treats was to try the Tenderstem with dips – verdict=really nice!  I think we were all quite surprised.  As my Monkey son loves cooked broccoli, I’m going to be trying him with some raw broccoli with hummus.

DSC00188 new treats

Now I have a bit of a thing for Pork Scratchings.  I know that they’re not to everyone’s taste, but I adore them. After I had Monkey, I had a particular craving for them (who said anything about only getting cravings in pregnancy??)  Anyway, I’d not come across Mr Trotter’s Pork Crackling before our Bloggers Night In.  I got to try the Original and Jalapeno Chilli flavours .  I was impressed.  Both the Original Pork Crackling and Jalapeno Chilli were crunching, but not rock hard like other brands can be.  I like to spice things up a bit and the Jalapeno Chilli was a wonderful new treat – just my kind of thing.  I will be asking Santa to provide some for our Christmas festivities for sure.

new treatsNow, as regular readers will know I do love Ryvita.  I have become a bit of an addict when it comes to the Ryvita Thins, especially the Sweet Chilli Thins.  So imagine my delight when I saw some new treats in the form of Ryvita Thin Bites, and in my favourite flavour too!  I could happily munch away on these delights all evening!  But I had to share – how unfair!! I also tried the Cracked Black Pepper Ryvita Thin Bites too, but my heart belongs to the Sweet Chilli version.  Thins in bite size pieces – yummy!

DSC00186 new treats

So with family living in Spain, surrounded by Olive groves, I certainly can’t class olives as a new treat!  But new treats in a tin from Olive It! are certainly new for me.  I’ve watched olives being harvested and sorted at the cooperativa many times, have bought them in Spain, eaten them in restaurants and bars and at my parents’ neighbour’s houses.  I’ve bought olives here in jars, I’m not sure I’ve even noticed them in tins before.  What would they taste like?  Well, I was pleasantly surprised.  Both the green and black olives were full of flavour, very tasty and took me back to Andalucia. My Monkey son also loves olives, particularly black olives and he was keen to try the Olive It! Black olives with his lunch recently.

new treatsI think his expression says it all!  I’ll be trying the recipe on the Olive It! website soon for Course Pate of mixed olives, Manchego cheese (I adore Manchego cheese!) and pistachios.

DSC00133 new treats

Which brings me on nicely to more new treats!  We really were very fortunate girls.  I have so many vices when it comes to food and one of my big ones is nuts.  I can eat them by the bucket load.  So I was soon honing in on the Wonderful Pistachios that just happened to be sat right in front of me – strange that! We got to try all four flavours of Wonderful Pistachios – Roasted & Salted, Salt & Pepper, Sweet Chilli and Roasted No Salt.  I liked them all, but can you guess my favourite?  I can see that I’m rather predictable (something I’ve never thought I was), but my favourite was …… the Sweet Chilli.  I’m surprised any of the girls got a look in with them.  Something else for my Christmas Festivities list.

new treatsWhile I’m on a roll with the whole nuts thing, new treats were also in store thanks to Tropical Sun Crunchy Coconut Peanuts. I love peanuts but am not overally taken with coconut generally, so I was interested to give these Crunchy Coconut Peanuts a try.  They were quite nice, I probably wouldn’t want to consume them in quite the same quantities as I’ve been known to eat salted peanuts.  I bought a tin home for Daddy P to try – he has become an instant fan.

new treatsThe last of my new treats came from Popchips and their Original and Sour Cream & Onion potato chips (crisps to you and me – but a bit different from the norm!).  Popchips aren’t fried and they are really light, and extremely moreish.  We all took a fancy to them, and needless to say, they didn’t last long at all.  If they’re good enough for Katy Perry, they are certainly good enough for new treats for me!

Thanks to all the lovely companies mentioned for supplying our Bloggers Night In with some really tasty new treats.



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  1. I must try raw broccoli with hummus – sounds great. I’ve never understood why so many people dislike broccoli and olives.

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