Having soft play fun

It’s been well documented that my Monkey is not one for swinging from trees or even using climbing frames.  Soft play centres have always been a bit of an issue for us.  Monkey loves ball pits and the sensory areas but has shown extremely little interest in slides, climbing areas and so forth.  So as he’s grown, and the prices have risen, I’ve tended to avoid soft play centres in favour of spending money on things Monkey does enjoy.  Our NCT Secret Santa even was being held at a soft play centre – it made sense, lots of kids need SPACE! I had little expectations of Monkey wanting to go on anything other than the swing.  But having soft play fun last weekend actually saw Monkey broaden his horizons.

I don’t have photographic evidence of my son’s new-found bravery now he’s hit the grand old age of 4.  For one thing, he dragged Daddy off to explore the climbing frame.  It is almost unheard of for him to do anything with Daddy if I’m in the room.  I purposely stayed away, letting them spend some quality time together, having soft play fun.  I did see them come down the massive slide, one after the other at one point.  You have no idea how big an achievement that is, in itself.

He then took another leap of bravery on the trampoline.  After holding my hands he finally let go and bounced up and down all by himself.  This is huge!  His friends have a big garden trampoline.  Monkey will hardly ever venture onto it, and as soon as any of his friends start jumping, he cries to come off.  He did so well, I was really proud of him.

Overall he did really well and was having soft play fun, I was amazed and thrilled.  Another breakthrough for my 4 year old Monkey 🙂

Having soft play fun


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  1. This is brilliant! It’s as though he’s turned 4 and decided to try new things. So pleased he enjoyed himself and that you could relax and revel in his new-found bravery. Hoping it’s the start of many new adventures to come for you, though one step at a time – I have 2 trampoline-jumping, slide-obsessed, climbers here and it’d sometimes be nice if they were a little calmer…!

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