Dinner with Giovanni Rana

Dinner with Giovanni RanaOne thing I really miss about working is the travelling I used to do, especially visiting Italy.  I love Italian food, and dining out with my Italian customers was always such a treat.  Whether it be in a tiny little village restaurant , or sitting by one of the great lakes in a Palazzo, at the end of a long day, the cuisine was always a delight.  So when I was offered the chance to have dinner with Giovanni Rana, how could I resist the temptation!

Known for their fabulous heritage and authenticity, Giovanni Rana have brought out a new Indulgence Range which includes delicious combinations such as crumbly ricotta, shredded baby spinach & mascarpone and chicken and rosemary. This range is perfect for nights when you and your family or friends want a luxurious taste experience but also want to remain in the comfort of your own home. Due to its speedy cooking time it is also perfect for time poor parents!
Giovanni Rana have also introduced some new flavour combinations to their Simply Italian Range. Still luxurious but more for the everyday, this range is perfect to maybe enjoy with the kids – introducing them to the world of Italian cuisine.
Dinner with Giovanni Rana Dinner with Giovanni Rana

Monkey is now 4 and is used to me serving up pasta and he really quite likes Tortelloni, so I knew he’d like the Italian Cured Ham and Cheese pasta from Giovanni Rana.  I cooked some sausage, added homemade tomato sauce with peppers and served with the pasta, garlic bread and some olives.

Dinner with Giovanni Rana  Dinner with Giovanni Rana

We all really enjoyed having dinner with Giovanni Rana, the pasta was really flavoursome.  It’s great that the pasta is ready to eat in a matter of minutes, a real plus for a busy family.

Daddy P and I enjoyed the Gorgonzola & Crunchy Walnut Ravioli from the Italian Indulgence range, with a bit of red pesto and black pepper.  Absolutely delicious! Apologies, as I totally forgot to take a photograph.

I’ll definitely be adding these ranges from Giovanni Rana to my shopping basket, the Italian Indulgence range has a RRP of £2.49 and the Simply Italian range is priced at £1.99.

disclaimer:  we were sent the products mentioned for the purpose of review, our comments however are our own, honest opinions.

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