Clarks Maple Syrup

Clarks Maple SyrupI have to be totally honest and say that until Christmas I haven’t knowingly tried Maple Syrup before.  Seeing as I love puddings, I’m not sure how I’ve got to 45 and this is the case! When I was asked if I’d like to sample some Clarks Maple Syrup last month, I obviously jumped at the chance!

Maple syrup not only tastes wonderful – it’s good for you too. The health benefits of maple syrup are numerous and varied and many are still being researched but it has already been labelled a “superfood”.


I received some Clarks Pure Canadian Maple Syrup and some Vanilla Maple Syrup blended with Carob Fruit Syrup, along with some pancakes.  I had 2 willing taste testers to hand, so for breakfast on Christmas Day we all tried pancakes with raspberries and each of the maple syrups.

Clarks Maple SyrupThe verdict, sweet but nice.  I really liked the Vanilla flavoured syrup.  Daddy P has a very sweet tooth and complained that I’d scrimped on the Maple Syrup portions!  No pleasing some people.  The Maple Syrup has a runnier consistency than I was expecting, but now we’ve discovered it, there is no stopping us.  We are fans.

We’ve also enjoyed Clarks Maple Syrups on the Fruit Crunch Ryvita, drizzled over berries – I can thoroughly recommend this option – yum!

Clarks Maple SyrupWhilst looking at the Clarks Maple Syrup website I noticed their recipe section.  I’m new to the idea of Maple Syrup, as I’ve already mentioned, so was looking for some inspiration.

Well I had some rather ripe bananas on hand, so the Maple Walnut Banana Bread jumped out at me.  I modified the recipe slightly, no walnuts in the house for a start! and made a Maple Syrup Banana Loaf.

Clarks Maple Syrup

The smell as this came out of the oven was fabulous!  Umm, uum.  The Banana loaf is so moist, it is not going to last long in this house!  I will be trying out the Maple Syrup Roasted Chicken and glazed vegetables very soon.

You can find Clarks Maple Syrup in all the main supermarkets.  I know exactly what we’ll be putting on our pancakes next month!

disclaimer:  we were sent these products for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own honest opinions

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  1. We discovered Maple Syrup on our last visit to the USA and it is very yummy on pancakes and waffles. I now use it on my parsnips with a sprinkle of ginger and roasted they are very yummy!

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