Project 365 – Week 2

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project “A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!”  Project 365 – Week 2 – Days 5 – 11

Day 5 – Sunday

Project 365 - Week 2 A trip to Docklands, The London Boat Show and the Royal Victoria Docks.  We had a great day out, Monkey was on top form, lots to see and keep him entertained.  The weather was kind to us and it only started to rain once we were on our way home – result!

Day 6 – Monday

Project 365 - Week 2 I bought this for Monkey for Christmas and we’ve put it on our fridge door.  He absolutely loves it and as soon as we’ve finished breakfast he asks me to help him update his calendar.  We’re working really hard on number and letter recognition and this is helping so much, and in a fun way.  He takes so much interest in the weather now.  We have to update the weather section each time he comes home from school if it’s changed.  I love it, he loves it.

Day 7 – Tuesday

Project 365 - Week 2 First day back to Nursery School and it poured down with rain, even with umbrella’s we got rather wet.  The playground was flooded, please wear your waterproof trousers if you play outside today Monkey!

Day 8 – Wednesday

Project 365 - Week 2 Meet Biff, one of Monkey’s birthday presents.  Biff is a Sorgenfresser Worry Eater.  I love the idea of these and have wanted Monkey to have one for ages.  He can’t write his worries away yet, but I’m using it to help with his language and to get him to open up more.  It’s working already.  He loves that Biff leaves him messages, and asks him questions.  He will tell Biff things he won’t have told me voluntarily.  I can see Biff being a firm friend in the years ahead.

Day 9 – Thursday

Project 365 - Week 2 If there’s some way of getting in on the action Brewster will find it!  If you won;t let me play with the train track, I’ll sit in the train box instead!  Trains are a big part of our lives, we all love trains here.

Day 10 – Friday

Project 365 - Week 2 Going back to Nursery School has taken its toll this week on Monkey.  He’s really struggled with tiredness and temper tantrums.  He decided he’d have a few minutes more sleep in Mummy’s bed whilst I was getting dressed.  Obviously his harem came too, again!

Day 11 – Saturday

Project 365 - Week 2 The sun came out and off we went to explore Wendover Woods for the first time.  We enjoyed the Stick Man Trail and jumping in muddy puddles.  It was so great to get out in the fresh air for a few hours.  ‘Mummy – that was so much fun!’ – great end to the week 🙂



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  1. puddles were made for jumping in, especially by boys. The calender is a great idea and as you say helps with reading, recognition, continuity and days of the week, brilliant pressie.
    Full time is tiring but why do they always have to bring all the toys as well?

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