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Eiko Egg Cup Boiler – a review

Eiko Egg Cup BoilerI’m always on the look out for something different, a new gadget for the kitchen.  Next month sees the release of the Eiko Egg Cup Boiler on the Cuckooland on-line gift website.

Eiko Egg Cup BoilerEiko is made of heat and scratch resistant high-gloss polycarbonate plastic, and can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees C. Eiko should not be used with gas cookers.

We have a halogen hob as you can see, so it’s no problem for me to use the Eiko Egg Cup Boiler.  When I opened the packaging box, there was a removable label attached to the handle of each boiler, again, reinforcing the fact that these products should not be used on a gas hob.

So what do you do with the Eiko Egg Cup Boiler?  Each pack contains 4 stackable egg boilers.  Bring your saucepan full of water to the boil, place your egg in the boiler, use the handle to hook it over the side of the saucepan. Time your egg.  The holder stops the egg from cracking when immersed in the water.  Whilst the egg boils in the water, the handle of the boiler remains cool, so when your egg is ready, the boiler is easy to remove from the pan.

Each boiler has a drainage hole in the bottom, and can actually be used as an egg cup if you are having soft-boiled eggs!

Monkey isn’t too fussed on soft-boiled eggs, but he loves hard-boiled eggs.  So once the time was up, I ran the eggs under cold water, whilst in the boilers and hey presto we were ready to peel, and eat.  They really are so easy to use.

The Eiko Egg Cup Boiler is supplied in 4 different colours for a very practical reason.  If you are cooking soft-boiled eggs for a number of people, who all like their eggs to be cooked for different lengths of times – you have a quick identification tool!

1st April sees the launch of the Eiko Egg Cup Boiler, and the 4 piece set will be priced at £12.00, there will also be a matching spoon set available for £6.00.

I love the look of this set, they are really practical and easy to use and much safer than trying to remove eggs from boiling water with a spoon.

disclaimer:  we were sent this set for the purpose of review, our comments remain our own honest opinions.


9 thoughts on “Eiko Egg Cup Boiler – a review

  1. I opened this post thinking it was going to be a bit of a pointless gadget but I really get it now! It’s totally one of those things that you don’t realise you need until you see one!

  2. They look fab! I normally drop eggs into boiling water and crack them or burn myself getting them back out again! x

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