Quick and easy treat for Mothers Day

Quick and easy treat for Mothers DayYou may remember that I recently reviewed some Jordans Cereals and I actually have a giveaway running which ends in a couple of days.  Well today I’m bringing you a quick and easy treat for Mothers Day using a pack of Jordans Country Crisp with Strawberries.  It’s super easy to make, the kids can get involved and even Daddy P couldn’t mess it up.

Quick and easy treat for Mothers DayFor your quick and easy treat for Mothers Day your OH and children will need!!

Strawberry and Lemon Munchkins

Part One:
200g Jordans Country Crisp with Strawberries
200g white chocolate, broken into pieces

Melt the chocolate in a large heatproof bowl, positioned over a saucepan of simmering water.

Quick and easy treat for Mothers DayOnce all the chunks of chocolate have melted remove the bowl from the heat.

Quick and easy treat for Mothers Day Stir in the Jordans Country Crisp, breaking up any large clusters with your finger tips.  Make sure all the cereal is coated with chocolate.

Quick and easy treat for Mothers DaySpoon the mixture into bun tins to make approximately 15 ‘cakes’. Level the tops with the back of a spoon.

Quick and easy treat for Mothers DayChill in the fridge for about 25-30 minutes until set. Use a knife to ease the set chocolate bases from the bun tins.  Voila!

Quick and easy treat for Mothers DayPart Two for those of you who like lemon!  You would need:

250g tub of mascarpone cheese
3 tablespoons lemon curd
Finely grated zest of 1 small lemon
200g strawberries, halved

Whilst your Munchkins are setting in the fridge, mix together the mascarpone cheese, lemon curd and lemon zest.  Fit a piping bag with a star-shaped nozzle and spoon in the mixture. Keep chilled.  When your Munchkins have set, remove from the bun tins and pipe a star of lemon mixture on top of each one.  Finish off with half a strawberry.

Now as I’ve mentioned in the past, I am not a citrus fan at all, so I didn’t bother with the lemon mixture.  I had the Munchkins with fresh strawberries and some natural yoghurt – delicious.

In fact, I’ve put my Mothers Day order in already – this time using the Jordans Country Crisp with Raspberries and using dark chocolate instead of white chocolate.  I can taste them already!

Thank you to Jordans Cereals for providing the cereal and recipe for my quick and easy treat for Mothers Day 🙂

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