Getting spicy with Santa Maria

Getting spicy with Santa MariaI love trying new spices and herbs in my cooking.  I’m no masterchef, but I do enjoy dabbling with new tastes and encouraging Monkey to try new things.  We’ve been sent some new products.  We’re getting spicy with Santa Maria.

Santa Maria is the leading export in World Spices in Northern Europe and has been trading in the spice business since the beginning of 20th century.  It is dedicated to sourcing and producing the highest quality products and developing exciting taste combinations.

Santa Maria have recently launched three new seasoning and spice ranges – Santa Maria’s Extra Fine Selection of spice grinders, Unique Blends by Santa Maria and Chilli & Pepper by Santa Maria.  We received the Chicken & Steak seasoning with grinder and the Santa Maria Mango Curry powder.

Getting spicy with Santa MariaSo for dinner I decided we’d be getting spicy with Santa Maria and we’d be having Fish Curry.  I was going to make use of the Mango Curry powder.  Containing a blend of mango, ginger, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, cayenne pepper, fennel and cumin, it was time for a taste treat!

I followed the recipe on the Santa Maria website for their Fish Curry, getting spicy with Santa Maria!  The aroma from the Mango Curry powder was wonderful.

Our dinner was full of flavour, mellow enough for Monkey, but still totally enjoyable for Daddy P and I.  The Mango Curry powder really added to the meal.

I shall be using the Santa Maria Chicken & Steak seasoning on our next Roast Chicken, and I think I might just add a few twists from the grinder to my gravy for a bit of a zing.

Why not pop along to your local Tesco to see the full range of Santa Maria products, available between £1.99-£3.99.  We can recommend.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned for the purpose of review, our comments remain our own honest opinions.

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