Tractor spotting

Tractor spotting

One of Monkey’s highlights of a trip to Granny and Gramps in Spain, is to go tractor spotting.  You really don’t have to look very hard!  My parents live in a rural area in southern Spain, you are in olive groves within  a couple of minutes from walking to the top of their road.  So on our recent visit, it wasn’t long before Monkey wanted to go for a walk.  Can we go to the Cooperativa Gramps?

The Cooperativa is where all the local farms take their olives for weighing and sorting before they go off for processing.  We also think that farm machinery is shared or leased as there is always a number of different pieces of machinery parked up.

We had missed the harvest of the green, and then black olives this time.  The farmers were busy in the fields cutting down dead wood and old trees, preparing the fields for this years crop.  This meant that we wouldn’t see the long stream of tractors with olive laden trailers dumping their loads.  But Monkey didn’t mind.  A bit of tractor spotting, was better than none at all.

Tractor spottingOf course with Daddy P’s background in fruit and veg, we had a look at the Seville oranges and lemons growing in gardens as we passed.

Tractor spotting Tractor spotting

We’d only just left my parents road when Monkey got his first tractor spotting opportunity.

Tractor spottingTo add to the excitement – Daddy it’s a John Deere!!!!  This is Monkey’s tractor make of choice.  He is totally obsessed with John Deere, it won’t be long before he’s reciting model numbers, I can see that day coming.

Can we find some more please!  Tractor Spotting in the Spanish sun, with his camera in hand.

Tractor spottingSo off we went into town, on our way to the Cooperativa.  Oh wow, more machinery!

Tractor spottingOne happy boy, enjoying tractor spotting.


32 thoughts on “Tractor spotting

  1. I love that last photo! My son would get on fabulously with Monkey (think I may have mentioned this before!) They even share the same coat. What a great time, tractor heaven indeed 🙂

  2. I have to say we’ve never attempted tractor spotting before 🙂 lovely photos #CountryKids x

  3. Oh I love orange and lemon trees! Love the look of excitement too on your son’s face – priceless! 🙂 #CountryKids.

  4. My son is beside me tinkering on the ipad and im here blog hopping and he saw your post and he sat onmy lap cuz he LOVES machines like this =)

    You made his day. Imagine how happy hell be when he sees this massiveness in real life!


  5. I love this idea of going on an outing and spotting tractors! There’s just something about tractors that kids love.

  6. My son is a few years older and his vehicle obsession is at its height! I wonder when (if) they grow out of it? However even I would like to see the tractors with all of the olives in.

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