Squid Soap – a review

squid soap

I have a typical 4 year boy in this house.  He is a muck monster, who doesn’t feel the need to wash his hands too regularly.  We’ve been trying to enforce the wash your hands every time you use the toilet and so on for ages.  Our success rate is by no means at the 100% level.  Well, that was the case until  I called in a reinforcement.  Let me introduce you to Squid Soap.

Squid Soap

My new-found best friend is a handy liquid soap dispenser, with a difference!  Squid Soap leaves a small ink mark on Monkey’s hand as he pressed the top of the dispenser.  Once he’s washed his hands properly, the ink washes away.

Monkey loves Squid Soap and will now happily run to the sink at every opportunity, to get inked!  It’s certainly made my life a little easier.  There are four different coloured squids to collect, each can be removed from the container and used as bath toys when the bottle is empty.

The ink will wash away within 15-20 seconds of being stamped onto skin, if you get it on clothing then just wash with soap and water.  Monkey doesn’t have sensitive skin, so I can’t confirm whether there would be any issues with regards to that issue.

For information on where you can buy Squid Soap, check their website.  Squid Soap is available in 250ml bottles for around £5.99.  So it’s not the cheapest liquid soap, but it certainly means I get clean hands here!

**** Update: 03.05.14 SquidSoap will be hitting the high streets for between £2.00-£2.50 very soon **** 

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

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14 thoughts on “Squid Soap – a review

  1. This is interesting! Didn’t know that it come with ink! This is a good idea to tell them to wash their hand properly.

  2. Wow, what a great idea! This would be great for our son and really encourage him to wash his hands thoroughly. Schools should have this in the kids’ toilets.

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