International Blog Swap Day – a guest post #IBSD14

Tonight I’d like to introduce you to Tara, from Perth Australia, my blog swap partner for International Blog Swap Day.  Tara and her family have been on a ‘voyage of discovery’ learning about Coeliac.  Over to you Tara …..

International Blog Swop Day

Hi everyone.  My name is Tara and my blog is Gluten Free Hart.

International Blog Swop Day

I am an Aussie girl – born and bred.  I live in Perth Western Australia, am happily married and am a mum to 3 beautiful children.

I started blogging in 2012 –  my driving force was my daughter.  Abbey was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at 21 months back in 2009 after becoming terribly unwell.  As standard procedure, the rest of our family were tested and I discovered I too was Coeliac.  It was a steep learning curve for us at the time as we had never heard of Coeliac Disease let alone gluten!  I remember feeling terribly overwhelmed and struggled in the early stages but was determined to get a handle on this gluten free lifestyle that was thrust upon us.

International Blog Swop Day

The aim of my blog was to provide solace to those that found themselves in the same situation.

I wanted the experience to be less frightening for them.  I wanted to let them know gluten free could still be delicious and fun.  I wanted to let them know that there’s indeed a lot of us out there and we were happy to share what we knew and what we made and what we found.  I wanted people to know there was more to gluten free than a loaf of bread that resembled a brick in size, taste and consistency.

I hope that we have done just that.  I hope that you will find some comfort here if you are travelling the Coeliac or gluten intolerant road.  We are more than happy to share a recipe, a product, an idea, a laugh. Humour is a big part of our family life and I try to inject as much into the blog as often as possible.

You will also find me here:

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Thank-you for allowing me to participate in the Digital Parents/Tots 100 International Blog Swap.  I look forward to meeting some wonderful UK bloggers.

International Blog Swop Day

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3 thoughts on “International Blog Swap Day – a guest post #IBSD14

  1. Welcome Tara! It is great that you are so positive! Yes, gluten free food does not always tasty like rock! They can be very yummy!

  2. Hi Tari
    Your site sounds very interesting, and I look forward to finding out more. I have just had my son tested for Coeliac and thankfully he came back as ok. It was a worry as to where to start, as I had a friend that was coeliac and the food was limited back then. Its good to hear that there are positive ways to cope with what life throws at you. Thanks

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