Snoozies Hot Mocs – a review for Gifts Central

Snoozies Hot Mocs

I have rather bad circulation, my feet are always freezing. I’ve even been known to complain of having cold feet in 35 degree heat in the Maldives!  So you can imagine my delight when Gifts Central told me about the range of Snoozies Hot Mocs.  What are they, I hear you say?  Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of them either, so Gifts Central sent me a pair to try out.

Snoozies Hot Mocs

The Snoozie Hot Mocs are a range of sherpa fleece lined slippers.  Having worn these, I can confirm that they are fab. They have non slip soles which are great to have, especially on tiled or wooden floors.

Snoozies Hot Mocs

There are 7 different styles of Snoozies available on the Gifts Central website.  I went for the Hot Mocs with the knitted effect.  Have I surprised you by not going for the Blue versions??  Sometimes I do actually try something different!  I picked the medium size which is suitable for sizes 5-6, being a 5.5 this was perfect for me.  They fit really well and haven’t stretched.  A problem I often find with slippers – great to start with, but they stretch and then become useless to wear.  The Snoozies Hot Mocs are machine washable too.

Snoozies Hot Mocs

I’ve been really pleased with how snug my feet have felt in my Snoozies Hot Mocs.  I did have an issue with the stitching of the knitted part on one hot moc, I contacted Gifts Central, who arranged replacements straight away, no fuss.  They’d not experienced any problems before, so think I was just unlucky.

The Snoozies Hot Mocs are currently on offer for £9.99 a pair and I can certainly recommend them, especially for all those cold feet sufferers out there.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


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4 thoughts on “Snoozies Hot Mocs – a review for Gifts Central

  1. I got these over Christmas time last year in animal print and I agree very comfy for walking around house

  2. They look great. I also get very cold feet even in the summer. My feet are freezing right now and it’s been really sunny all day

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