Alphabet Photography Project C is for Cat #alphabetphoto

Week 3 of PODcast‘s new linky Alphabet Photography Project!  What to pick for my C? There was colour, caution, crocus, cards, caterpillar, cuddles, craft, car, but in the end I had to pick something really close to my heart. So my Alphabet Photography Project C is for Cat!

Brewster, our cat, (yes I do have a Chuggington fan in the house), will be 2 years old next month.  How is that even possible?  He features regularly on the blog, either in photos, or in his own reviews.  Regular readers will know that he had really big paws to fill; as his predecessor had lived to nearly 20, and was very much loved.

Alphabet Photography Project C is for Cat

Having a kitten again after so many years was a bit of an eye opener. Note to self, never buy new curtain with a kitten in the house.  We wouldn’t be without him although he’s so different from Monty.  He is very demanding, he wants feeding immediately!  He will meow constantly if he’s not getting the attention he deserves.  He thinks nothing at launching himself at my shoulders with claws out – Mum you should have fed me quicker! He loves my feet, but not in a good way, he likes biting them, he has a mean bite!

Alphabet Photography Project C is for Cat

He loves roaming the neighbourhood with his posse.  Yes, this cat has groupies!  I kid you not.  I have never seen anything like it.  There are two cats who come calling for him.  It’s quite amazing.  Off the three of them go, but Brewster is most definitely the boss.

Alphabet Photography Project C is for Cat

On Monday he was rather tired.  He was left outside on Sunday whilst we were at the Bournemouth Wheels Festival.  He was not impressed when we got home at 9pm that night!  It’s worse than having kids – he sulked for the rest of the evening.  But on Bank Holiday Monday, he discovered the bed linen had been changed; yep, he just knows when and where to plant his muddy paws!

Alphabet Photography Project C is for Cat

I can’t imagine my home without a cat, certainly Monkey knows nothing else.  He remembers Monty; he knows that he’s in cat heaven in the clouds.  He love Brewster, most of the time.  Doesn’t like him sleeping under his bed, will tease him relentlessly, isn’t impressed when Brewster want’s to play with his train set, but he is his buddy, really.


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  1. Love these pics, your cat is adorable. My cat is far too grumpy to help me out by posing like this.

  2. Brewster is just gorgeous, so fluffy too! Absolutely the perfect C for you too. Sounds like he’s made quite an impression since he joined you. Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

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