Floral Print Blazer – a review

fd-avenueI was recently offered the opportunity to try out a new piece of clothing from the online clothing retailer FDAvenue.  There’s a really large selection of clothing to choose from. I loved some of the dresses, but my legs don’t come out on public display very often, so I went for a safer option!  I’ve been getting a bit braver with patterns this year, as you may have noticed.  I decided to go for the FDAvenue Floral Print Blazer in Baby Blue.  I know it’s got blue in it, you know me!

Floral Print BlazerI’m quite small, and am between an 8-10 up top, so to be on the safe side I ordered a size 10.  There are two delivery options; next day or standard first class mail.  My floral print blazer arrived quickly, it was in a really small package, so could fit through my letterbox.  I was concerned that it would be badly creased when I unwrapped it, but no, as soon as I hung it up, it was fine.  It’s made from 95% polyester/5% Elastine which obviously helps.

The floral print blazer is great for this time of year, it has 3/4 length sleeves, and the polyester means it will keep you warmer than cotton on a cloudy day! I thought the floral print was bright and perfect for a holiday.

Floral Print BlazerI only have one problem with this floral print blazer.  The sizing.  To me it feels on the small side for a size 10, it’s ok to wear unless I want to do the button up.  Then it really does feel too small, it doesn’t sit as well as it’s designed to.

Floral Print BlazerBut it’s a new retailer to me, and I appreciate that sizes vary from store to store.  I’d been tempted to order the size 8, just as well I didn’t.  But that issue aside, it’s well made and would be a good buy at £19.99.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.





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  1. That blazer looks lovely on you – It’s a shame about the sizing, I bet you’re glad you didn’t get an 8! x

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