Monkey makes it to Countryfile

You may remember that Monkey and I visited Wendover Woods recently to try out the Gruffalo trail that was being filmed by the BBC.

Monkey makes it to Countryfile

It was a totally magical day and Monkey hasn’t stopped talking about it since.  We’d been told that the BBC Countryfile programme would be airing on 1st June.  We always record it anyway, but this time we let Monkey stay up and watch the programme too.

To be honest, I thought his moment with Ellie Harrison would have been edited out, he was talking really quietly.  But I wanted to see his reaction when he saw the Gruffalo on TV with ‘that lady we met’.


The segment started, a nice close up of Monkey’s hands and I thought, well he was in it, even if only I know it.  But then came our magic moment, his speaking bit with Ellie was almost all there, Daddy P and I were on the verge of tears.  Seeing our little boy on the BBC!  Monkey wasn’t phased by seeing himself at all.  He was mystified that everything he remembered wasn’t shown on the programme.


It was wonderful.  We’d pre-alerted friends and family that he might be on the programme.  It was lovely to read texts from everyone who had watched.  His second cousins were speechless apparently, his Auntie S did the classic – she rang us to tell us we were on the telly.  Bless her.


But the truly magic moment happened this morning.  It was the first morning back at school and we were waiting for the doors to open.  One of Monkey’s key workers came out, I saw you! I saw you on the telly.  You did so well Monkey.  They all know how quiet and reserved he can be.  Another key worker said, oh we’ll have to see if we can find it to show the children.  I thought she was joking.  She wasn’t.  This morning at school, the whole Nursery class sat down and watched Countryfile.  It’s wonderful that they saw Monkey on the telly; but actually what’s I’m really hoping is that the kids now want to go to Wendover Woods!  If Monkey’s moment of ‘fame’ can encourage a few more people to go down to the deep dark woods, then that has to be a good thing doesn’t it.

It’s got a class of children talking about the Gruffalo, talking about bugs and mini beasts, that’s magical.  The fact that blogging helped that to happen is magical.  The fact that it’s something that none of us will ever forget, that’s priceless.

Don’t forget that 15 Forestry Commission sites will be unveiling their wooden Gruffalo statues on Saturday to celebrate his 15th birthday.



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18 thoughts on “Monkey makes it to Countryfile

  1. I was so excited when I spotted Monkey as we watch every week. Its my sons favourite programme. To have a speaking part is a little bit special and it was so lovely to watch. I think now my boy wants to be a TV star just like yours!

  2. I saw your little star – he was amazing! It made me feel proud to think I knew you so can only imagine what you must have been feeling! Blogging really is the most wonderful thing sometimes isn’t it. So pleased for you all xx

  3. What a wonderful experience!

    I hope you managed to record the show for him to see again. 🙂

  4. Oh wow Mary how amazing, wish I’d caught it. Must have been such a great experience for both of you. Remember that post, sounded like you all had such a good time. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

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