Summer baking with Cake Angels

summer baking with cake angels

You may remember earlier in the year we had a wonderful delivery of baking goodies from Cake Angels.  Monkey and I had a wonderful time with our pirate themed cupcakes and were thrilled when we were asked if we’d like to do some summer baking with Cake Angels.  How could we refuse!

Summer baking with Cake AngelsWe were sent a selection of brightly coloured and chocolate sprinkles, some floral toppers, vanilla icing and something totally new for us.  We received a box containing an Ice Cream Cupcake Kit!  We really would be summer baking with Cake Angels!  I was totally intrigued, I’d never thought of baking with ice cream cones before and was interested to find out more.

Of course, as soon as I mentioned cakes, baking and ice cream cones to Monkey; he was there like a shot!

Summer baking with Cake Angels

The kit consists of the ice cream cones, cake mix, icing sugar and sprinkles.  You just need to add butter, water and milk – full instructions are included on the back of the pack.

Monkey got straight to making up the cake mix, to his utter thrill it was chocolate cake mix!

Summer baking with Cake Angels

Once he’d made up the cake mix, he divided the cake mix between the cones.  I’d borrowed the idea of placing the cones in a silicon cake mould from Angela at The Life of Spicers!  The end result was a bit messy, but Monkey was in charge, and kids don’t do ‘mess free and perfect’ do they!  He was having a wonderful time, and to me that’s what’s important.

Once he’d finished, I took over and placed the cakes in the oven for 20 minutes.  He used this time to decide on his toppings!

Summer baking with Cake Angels

Once the baking time was over, it was easy to see the full ice cream effect.

Summer baking with Cake Angels I’d been left in charge of the icing, I made the butter icing up and poured it into my piping bag.  Monkey wanted a proper ‘Mr Whippy’ effect, sadly the bag broke as soon as I started – aargh!  So we went for more of an ice cream scoop effect in the end!  Then it was over to Monkey for decoration.

summer baking with cake angels

The ice cream cone cupcake kit was a big hit and they tasted delicious. We have thoroughly enjoyed summer baking with Cake Angels.  You can find out more about Cake Angels by visiting their website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this items in exchange for an honest review.




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  1. Such a brilliant idea. I actually made some the other day after seeing people’s cake angels posts as I couldn’t imagine them! They were really nice though not decorated as nicely as yours!

  2. Haha, I was reading thinking, Oh look you and I had the same idea about using the silicone tray, then I read it properly. 🙂

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