Alphabet Photography Project G is for Grandparents

Alphabet Photography Project G is for Grandparents #alphabetphoto

Week 7 of PODcast‘s new linky The Alphabet Photography Project! What to come up with for G? I was really struggling on this one, other than giraffes, but I posted about them on Saturday! I couldn’t really write about Gramps or Granny as one would be left out, then the cogs in my brain finally started turning.  You reach my advanced years, it takes a long time!  Our Alphabet Photography Project G is for Grandparents.  I could never pick Granny or Gramps when I could pick Grandparents! Alphabet Photography Project G is for Grandparents Monkey only has one set of Grandparents, my parents, who as regular readers will know, live in Spain. I’ve felt very strongly that he needs to have as good a relationship with his grandparents as he can, even with the distance.

We Skype Monkey’s grandparents every week, and have done for a long time now.  I wanted him to see their faces regularly, talk to them and share his news with them directly.  Seeing them on the laptop is so much better than trying to talk to them on the phone – that never worked well! I didn’t get to see my own grandparents very often, and in those days communication was all about telephone calls and letters (remember those???)  Absence made no difference, I loved them both dearly.  But I can see now just how much they and I missed out on.

Having family abroad can be wonderful at times, but mostly, if I’m totally honest, it sucks.  There are so many times that I have that ‘I wish they were here to see this moments’, by the time our Skype slot comes up the moment has passed.  But Skype does give Monkey a means by which to have a relationship, a relationship that would be different if it was conducted on the telephone. With me not working, it’s not easy to just pack up our bags and fly over.  With Monkey and Daddy P, travelling with just hand luggage is never an option!  Factor in airport parking, cattery costs, car hire and it would be as cheap to go on a package holiday!  But it’s family,we go whenever we can afford it. We all want to spend time together.

Each time we visit I wonder how Monkey will react when he sees his grandparents.  He is often very shy, even with those people he sees all the time.  But there is some inbuilt awareness that these two people are special.  As soon as he recognises the entrance to their village, Monkey knows that his grandparents will be waiting for him.  The excitement level mounts until he spots them.  Then he’s out of the car and gone – he’s happy, he’s with his grandparents, and I couldn’t ask for more.

He hangs on their every word, he has a good relationship with them both.  He loves them.  They love him.  Yes, it would be totally wonderful if they lived close by, but I’m sure he’d take them for granted if they did!  He knows no different.  His grandparents live in the land of sun, wind turbines and tractors. Alphabet Photography Project G is for Grandparents

23 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project G is for Grandparents #alphabetphoto

  1. What a gorgeous photo. I’m blessed to have my grandparents so we have 4 generations. It’s so special. Grandparents are the best. x

  2. Very special. Brilliant solution to Skype each week. I remember visiting grandparents in the holidays. Sticks in my memory. Lovely photos for Monkey to treasure in years to come. #AlphabetPhoto

  3. This was a wonderful choice for G! I know exactly what you mean, because our parents are far away too, but not as comfortable on Skype, unfortunately.

  4. There is nothing more special than the relationship between a child and their grandparents. Me and my grandparents are still incredibly close even though I’ve headed off to University.

    Think it has something to do with the fact I could always get away with more with my grandparents than my parents 😉


  5. Such lovely, touching photos. I agree that Skype is absolutely vital to up keeping special relationships and we use it for the same purpose, keeping in touch with our family back in England.

  6. what a lovely picture we only have one set of grandparents here, and how cool are they not to be afraid of technology and skyping #alphabet project also found you and following on pinterest and G+ great to connect with you xx

  7. What a wonderful post Mary. I love that you Skype every week and Monkey has such a great relationship with them especially with them being in Spain. That’s just fabulous. What a great G! Thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto

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