Nana’s Knickers – a book review

I’m always on the look out for new books to share with Monkey, and you my readers. Today I have a humorous tale to share with you all, a story of a lady who has a problem remembering things.  Oops, that sounds rather familiar!  Let me introduce you to Nana’s Knickers.

Nana's Knickers

Nana’s Knickers is the first picture book written by Nico Russell and published through Blue Fluff Books.  This 32 page picture book tells the tale of a rather forgetful Nana who wakes up one morning to find that she has lost her favourite knickers.  Well you can imagine the giggles that erupted from a 4 and half year old Monkey when we got to that part of the story.  We were on to a winner. text is clear and easy for children starting on their reading journey to enjoy. Monkey is getting better by the day at recognising letters, and a funny story always helps him concentrate.

The family run to Nana’s aid as the search for her missing knickers begin. The children suggest that Nana should sit down and retrace her movements of the previous day.  We hear that Nana made tea for the vicar and danced the tango with Mr McGurt.  But where oh where can Nana’s Knickers be?

You all know that as well as loving books, I have a bit of a thing about illustrations.  To me, they are a vital part of helping younger children fall in love with books and reading. The illustrations by Charlie Meyer are wonderful, they are bright and funny.  They really help set the scene on every page.

Does Nan find her knickers?  You know I never reveal the ending of a story. Spend £5.99 on this lovely paperback picture book and find out for yourself.  We’ll certainly be on the lookout for Nico Russell’s next book – A Camel, A King and some Carrots.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

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