Oxford University Museum of Natural History #CountryKids

Back during the half term holidays Monkey and I went out for the day with a couple of his NCT buddies, S and B, their nanny, and her little boy O.  We caught the bus and went to Oxford.  The kids loved it, I have to admit that going on the bus is a rare treat for Monkey.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

We were dropped off at Oxford Train Station and began our walk through the city.  I rarely visit Oxford, it’s never really appealed to me, but there are some gems.  We were on our way to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  We were going on a Dinosaur Adventure!

If you are ever in Oxford then head for the museums, they are so great for the kids and FREE!!! It was raining as we arrived so we didn’t have time to really look at the fab dinosaur footprints that lead up to the doorway of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  Once inside, the kids were off.  We found a few activity sheets and it was time to begin our dinosaur adventures.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

I love how interactive museums are these days.  It’s so much more fun to get kids really involved.  Spot this dinosaur, it is bigger than this one, look at his claws, would he eat meat or would he be a herbivore.

Look Mummy – it’s a Triceratops – the excitement was palpable.  Monkey was in his element.

Oxford University Museum of Natural HistoryThere are lots of wonderful skeletons for the children to admire, along with fossils eggs and all sorts of other interesting displays.

Look Mummy!  There’s one of my Butterflies!!  Monkey was right, there in the midst of the display was a butterfly that we have in our collection, one I’d bought at an exhibition many years ago.  That now hangs in his bedroom along with all the butterflies I caught as a child.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

There were a number of half term activities taking place – all for free.  We looked through microscopes at all sorts of bugs, made dinosaur masks and pipe cleaner mini beasts.  It was great.

Then it was time for some lunch, we had wanted to have a picnic in one of the parks, but the weather was awful.  We ventured upstairs to the cafe, but it was packed, it wasn’t an option.  Ok, we’ll walk back into Oxford and grab something there.  Don’t worry kids we’ll come back to explore some more after lunch.

Which we did, but to find out about that you’ll need to catch me on Monday for my Magic Moments post as something got me rather emotional when we looked around the Insect exhibits that afternoon at  Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Something very special, involving Guru Gramps.

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18 thoughts on “Oxford University Museum of Natural History #CountryKids

  1. It looks like a fab place to visit, and I’m sure I recall Alexandra (life of mummy) posting about it a while back, too, and wanting to go there then, as well! It looks absolutely fascinating for kids and adults alike, and a beautiful building.

  2. Loving the look on Monkey’s face on the bus-priceless! I really want to take the children to Oxford over the summer holidays and my daughter’s just spotted the dinosaur skeleton whilst I read so I’m going to have to go now 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing what it was about Guru Gramps that you saw. What a wonderful place for children and adults alike and for free! All in all a great day out with some great friends too, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Sounds like a fab day out and so great for the kids, with the fact that it is Free making it even better! Looking forward to Monday’s post! xx #countrykids

  5. My eldest JJ *loves* a trip on a bus to anywhere! The dinosaur exhibits look fab – as good as The Natural History Museum in London. Museums are always a good bet for a free day out I have to agree, although I’m putting this off with mine for the time being until EJ is at least three!! #countrykids

  6. I thought I recognized the thumbnail photo. It is one of our favourite museums. Packed to the rafters with interesting artifacts. I could spend all day there. #CountryKids

  7. We really enjoy the Natural History & Pitt Rivers museums, when the kids were younger we’d sonetimes do the craft sessions on a Sunday. The eldest is getting too old now but they still enjoy popping in from time to time. I’ve seen the butterfly case in your photo so am looking forward to hearing about the family connection!

  8. It looks amazing. I’d love to visit myself. The triceratops skull is huge, my children would have a kitten over it! #countrykids

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