Brushing teeth with The Rockabilly Kids – a review

Brushing teeth with The Rockabilly Kids

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will be aware of my problem with gum disease and having to overcome a fear of the Dentist’s.  It’s made me extra vigilant with Monkey and lately we’ve been brushing teeth with The Rockabilly Kids.

Brushing teeth with The Rockabilly Kids

I’m lucky that Monkey is quite good in the teeth brushing department, although he’d much rather let me do it for him.  So I called on The Rockabilly Kids for some assistance, it was time for Monkey to become a bit more independent.

I’ve used an electric toothbrush since I was pregnant as part of my regime to beat gum disease.  Monkey has always been quite envious, whilst The Rockabilly Kids toothbrushes aren’t electric, they look like them.  At the moment, this is more than enough to keep Monkey happy.

The Rockabilly Kids toothbrushes come in a box with 3 extra heads and there are 6 different characters available, from Astronaut Andy to Vet Valerie.  These toothbrushes are suitable for children aged from 3-7 years, so perfect for a 4 and half year old Monkey.

So you buy one pack for £6.99 (now available in Boots) and that pack will last you a whole year if you change the head every 3 months.  The heads are really easy to change when needed, a child could actually do that themselves.

Monkey loves the ‘weeble wobble’ effect of the base of his new toothbrush.  Mummy it doesn’t fall over!  This is a major bonus in our house, as his previous dinosaur toothbrush frequently fell over in the bathroom.  No more germ issues to worry about for me.  One happy Monkey, the idea of an astronaut went down well too.

Brushing teeth with The Rockabilly Kids

The ergonomically designed handle is perfect for Monkey, he finds it much easier to hold than his more traditional toothbrush .  The toothbrush also has multi-length bristles – helping to keep the dreaded gum disease at bay.

Brushing teeth with The Rockabilly Kids

Finally, Monkey is more than happy to brush his own teeth, no Mummy!  I can do it myself thank you.

Brushing teeth with The Rockabilly Kids

We’re both happy now we’re brushing teeth with The Rockabilly Kids and I think we’d both thoroughly recommend these toothbrushes to any youngster.

disclaimer:  we were sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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10 thoughts on “Brushing teeth with The Rockabilly Kids – a review

  1. Oh he looks a very happy boy with his new brush.
    I find it so hard to get my lazy ten year old son to brush his teeth.

  2. That does sound a great toothbrush. I’m always nagging my kids about brushing. Son1 doesn’t do it long enough and son2 if left to do it himself just chews the toothbrush rather than brushing. #TriedTested

  3. I love the look of these, and I know my oldest 2 kids would love them too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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