Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light

Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light

One of Monkey’s many heroes at the moment is Fireman Sam.  I’ve lost count of the times we’ve watched the Great Fire of Pontypandy!  He’s been asking me for a side light for his bedroom for a while and I was really pleased when Worlds Apart asked us if we’d like to review the Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light.  I knew it would be much appreciated. Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light

The Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light comprises a two in one rechargeable night-light and torch and comes with a low voltage transformer.

Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light

As a parent, the words rechargeable batteries are a joy to my ears!  You can charge the torch/night-light up by fitting to the base and plugging in the adaptor. The GoGlow white label at the front of the base glows red when this is happening.

This has been an instant hit here, and although Monkey likes the fact that it is a torch too, at the moment, it’s the night-light feature that he really loves.

Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light

The Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light is really easy for kids to activate themselves.  You just press the top of the night-light down onto the base and the light comes on.  After two minutes the light fades and if Monkey wakes up in the night he can turn the light back on again himself.

This feature has been a godsend this last week.  I think he’s having a few anxiety issues about moving to Reception in September and we’ve had a few unsettled nights. Although he’s still wanted a Mummy cuddle in the early hours, the night-light has reassured him.

I think the torch aspect of the Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light will come into its own when the nights start to draw in and I think we might be going on a Bear Hunt  or two with Monkey’s new trusty torch.  Again it’s really easy to activate as a torch – you just press and click the yellow part of the torch down, and you have light.

The Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light is recommended for children aged 12 months and over and is priced at £19.99.  It’s robust and a nice shape and design, for children to hold and play with safely.

My only niggle with this product, actually relates to the adaptor.  When the adaptor is plugged into the wall, the cable comes out of the top of the plug rather than the bottom. It just makes it a bit more difficult to hide away; especially from younger children. Monkey isn’t so bothered with cables now, but when he was younger, he was a nightmare – the cable would have been a magnet to him.

But other than that, we both love this Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light.  It’s actually small enough that you could take on holiday with you, we have a couple of sleepover’s planned with friends this summer and I’m sure this will be coming with us.

I apologise for the lack of action shots with Monkey himself; it’s the end of term and I have a tired little boy on my hands, if he doesn’t want to be photographed, then he’s best left alone.  Trust me, he does love this!

The Fireman Sam GoGlow Night Bright Light is available through Amazon, my affiliate link is shown below or from Smyths.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

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