Mumfie’s Quest – DVD review and giveaway

Lionsgate Home Entertainment released Mumfie’s Quest on DVD earlier this week. Mumfies QuestMumfie’s Quest is a movie made from the original TV series of some years ago.  The film has a real innocence to it, and reminds me very much of the animation I grew up with myself.  Monkey has been enthralled with this film; created by Britt Allcroft, who has brought us the Thomas & Friends series.

The 107 minute film introduces us to Mumfie – a little Elephant who is desperate for adventure.  He decides to leave home and makes friends with a Scarecrow along the way. The pair come across a little winged pig called Pinky who wants to find his mother.  The new friends decide to help him and so continues the adventure.

They meet a helpful whale on their travels who gives them a ride pack to the island Pinky calls home.  All the happiness and joy have been banished from the island. Singing and Dancing has been banned!  Mumfie gets separated from his friends and finds Pinky’s Mummy imprisoned by the Bristle who works for the evil Secretary to the Queen of Night.  The quest is on to find The Queen of Night’s jewel and return the life back to Pinky’s home.

I’m not going to spoil the ending for you, but this really is a charming tale of friendship and good will always win the day.

Mumfie’s Quest is available to buy from Asda and Amazon (you can click on my affiliates link below to purchase your copy) and is priced at £6.00

disclaimer:  we were sent this DVD in exchange for an honest review


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Mumfies Quest DVD

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