The Alphabet Photography Project M and N #alphabetphoto

Week 14 of PODcast‘s new linky The Alphabet Photography Project! I took a total blogging break last week as Daddy P was on holiday.  So I’m on catch up now with The Alphabet Photography Project M and N!

For M, I’m going to cheat with a 4 in one photo – M is for Me, Mary, Mummy and Monkey!

The Alphabet Photography Project M and N

Monkey doesn’t look so impressed with having his picture taken does he?!  This photo was taken by one of my NCT friends in March 2011, 3 months after Monkey’s first birthday.  It was taken in the midst of the daffodils at Blenheim Palace, a regular haunt for our NCT group, and a firm favourite here.

I look at this photo and wonder why I ever have my hair any colour other than blonde! But I also remember a little boy, so frustrated with life that day.  All of his friends were walking by themselves on that day.  Toddling off together, it was our first trip of the year back to Blenheim after the winter.  It was the first time the children were there walking. All that is, except my Monkey.  He wasn’t walking by himself, he wasn’t really walking at all.  Yes, as with everything he was going to do it in his own time.  But, his Mummy felt so much for him that day.  He got so frustrated that he couldn’t play properly with his friends.  He couldn’t walk with them, he couldn’t be part of their adventure.  There were tears and tantrums from him that day.  It was hard being Mummy that day, hard to watch his frustration and know that it was him who needed to make the steps.

But this M is photo also makes me smile, as there are friendships behind this picture, both for Monkey and Me, all made possible because I became a Mummy.

Now what to pick for N?  Monkey and I were in the Daily Mail last week, so newspaper perhaps!  Well more on that when I’m back up to speed. but no, there can only be one N for me – New.

The Alphabet Photography Project M and N

I’d like to say this is Newborn, but Monkey was 5 hours old when I finally got to take my first photo of my New son, my new baby.  Bless him, it had been a difficult labour, he was in difficulty, I was shattered. I’d been wheeled into theatre with the words ‘we’ll give you one last chance to push or it will be an emergency C-section’.  Luckily they gave me 2 more tries and with forceps, Monkey finally arrived.  But our drama wasn’t over, my New little boy was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and he wasn’t breathing properly.  He was whisked away before we could get a proper look at our new son, Daddy P didn’t even get to have a quick cuddle.

I was wheeled back to the delivery suite whilst our new baby was whisked away to the Special Care Baby Unit.  Some time later we were given a copy of a photo that a member of staff had taken, so we could actually visualise what our new son looked like.  But it was 5 whole hours before we finally got to say our first real hello’s to our little boy.  The first time I got to take a photo of my new baby, our new son.  He was then whisked back to SCBU and I was admitted to the ward.  It was the start of a new beginning, although we had to wait nearly another 24 hours before we could really begin our new life together and 48 hours before we could bring our new son home.

Bless him, he looks so battered in this photo, so tiny and I’m always a little sad, he’s not wearing any of the new clothing I’d bought into hospital for him.  The things I’d spent ages deciding on, what would be my new child’s first outfit.

But you only need to see a photo of him now to see that it all turned out ok!


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11 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project M and N #alphabetphoto

  1. It’s hard to get over a difficult birth, but you only need to look at them once and you forget all that. My little guy also had the cord around his neck, but they had decided upon a c-section anyway because of meconium. The first photo certainly is lovely, and ! really love his cute expression!

  2. Battered and bruised, but clearly still the same child, he’s instantly recogniseable! I always think it’s a real shame when a first birth doesn’t go to plan because you don’t know any other and it’s extra scary. You do seem to have coped very well with it though xx

    1. I had no idea what was happening so actually it was a blur really, it was only afterwards that it really hit me. I wish we’d had the cuddle time from the first moment but the main thing was he was ok x

  3. Beautiful photos, so sorry you both had such a tough start as a mother and a newborn. He really is instantly recognisable as Monkey 🙂

  4. Great photos! The first photo of our son is one the hospital gave us, luckily like you everything has turned out ok, so far x

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