Vileda Cleaning products

Vileda cleaning products – a giveaway worth £25.00

Vileda cleaning products Vileda have recently launched their Floor Miles campaign, and to celebrate, they have offered one of my lucky readers a bundle of Vileda cleaning products worth £25.00! Perfect for getting your home in tip-top condition this summer.

Vileda products are designed to last miles longer and make your cleaning miles easier!

For information on more competitions and to find out how to collect Vileda Floor Miles and be in with a chance of winning a family eco-holiday, just pop over to their Facebook page. To be in with a chance of winning this bundle of Vileda cleaning products worth £25.00, just complete the form below – good luck!

Vileda Cleaning products


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The giveaway will close on 10th September 2014 at midnight.

Vileda cleaning products bundle worth £25.00

368 thoughts on “Vileda cleaning products – a giveaway worth £25.00

  1. All of them!! I suppose if I had to choose, it would be hovering, especially in this hot weather, I end up in a soggy mess!

  2. Hoovering 🙁 so many people I now suffer from bad backs – I always worry about my back hurting whilst doing it.

  3. Cleaning toilets, but actually any cleaning – it’s just depressing because as soon as it’s cleaned, it’s dirty again

  4. Washing the bathroom floor because it is a wet room floor which has bumps in it. The dirt gets caught in the bumps & is hard to clean

  5. I hate cleaning plug holes, especially the shower one! Pulling out hairs (even though they are mine) makes me retch! I wear Marigolds and try to look away!

  6. Cleaning the oven, it’s such a massive job, is disgusting and seems to take forever. Then by putting it off it takes even longer! I hate it!

  7. Ironing, don’t like it. Never have, maybe because when younger :- As I was ironing my brother would chance his luck, offering me his ironing to do. No way, I wasn’t enjoying doing any ironing. So certainly wasn’t going to take on more of the same work. Would rather have been out with friends etc.

  8. I HATE hanging sheets/blankets out. I always seem to spend more time untangling myself from them than I do actually hanging the rest of the washing out. Would happily pay someone just to hang the washing out (when it’s “bed day”). 🙂

  9. Hoovering – with 3 kids it doesn’t matter how often I do it there’s always something being dropped on the floor!!!!

  10. Cleaning the bathroom/toilet….being the only female in the house I dont think I need to explain wholly the reason why 🙁

  11. Ironing,I hate. I need a glass of wine or two to get started. I find it the most boring and mentally destructive household chore.I ask myself why am i doing this.The reward, a few glasses of wine.

  12. Cleaning the oven – I hate doing it and put it off for as long as possible! I don’t really know why, just don’t like scrabbling around knelt on the floor at strange angles to get at all of it

  13. Obviously cleaning the oven. I hate doing it. Even when using ‘Oven Pride’ or some other cleaning product, it is infuriating. Especially trying to get the ‘grime’ off of the ‘roof’/grill.

  14. I think I have messed up my entry, as I put my least favourite chore in the widget. Anyway, just in case, my least favourite chore is cleaning the oven. Yuk! My name is really Maggie 🙂

  15. Dusting. The most pointless and futile waste of time ever invented by man for his womenfolk to do around the house to keep them busy. Hate it!

  16. I hate dusting as I collect bears and they get very dusty and with an asthmatic child I have to dust every couple of days

  17. Ironing – loathe it!! It’s neverending, every day something has to be ironed and then it gets dirty, you have to wash it and then iron it again!!

  18. I HATE cleaning bathrooms, as every time I do this, the minute somebody else uses it, it looks worse than it did to begin with

  19. I really don’t mind most household jobs like cleaning the oven or windows. But I really, really detest washing paintwork.

  20. ironing because i’m scared of ironing in more creases than i get rid of or having the iron too hot and ruining my favourite clothes, and also hanging clothes up and putting them away as it seems so endless and repetetive

  21. I don’t like any cleaning, I find it all so boring and thankless. Whatever it is only gets dirty again. I would rather muck out a row of stables. If I had to chose, then the worst is ironing.

  22. Cleaning the oven. As the kids tend to put anything & everything in there without the proper tray so everything spills over & then bakes on the bottom. If I could I’d hire one of those companies that comes in & cleans it for you.

  23. I loath ironing, have all but avoided it for ages but with little un starting school in a couple of weeks my luck may have run out!

  24. Cleaning the fridge! It’s just fiddly and your cloth sticks to the cold bit at the back. And you always get ‘bits’ that stick everywhere – most annoying!

  25. Cleaning the oven, It really seems pointless! I spend hours getting it spotless, I cook a roast dinner and the thing looks like It hasn’t been done for years.

  26. Ironing – I have, in the past, actually given clothes to the charity shop because I’ve discovered that they were swines to iron! And don’t mention double bed size duvet covers! And then I have to do my second least favourite task of putting a double bed size duvet cover onto the duvet !!

  27. I don’t like changing the beds. 5 beds to change plus a bunk bed and then that leads to all the washing and ironing of bed covers, it’s tiring.

  28. I don’t really have a cleaning job I hate I’m a little ocd and so is my daughter Amber who follows her twin brother around with a Jay cloth half the time and she’s only 21 month old

  29. I hate housework, mainly because it’s a never-ending job. If spring cleaning lasted until next year I’d be more of a fan. Cleaning the kitchen in the worst.

  30. I hate all housework but I try to put off washing the dishes as much as possible. I just hate washing the dishes no particular reason really just too lazy!

  31. Cleaning the floors I manage to hoover them but always put off actually mopping them as I think it will take longer than it actually does!

  32. Cleaning the bathroom – it is covered in germs & my boys wee on the walls, floor & radiator….I know they are young but it just makes it an even worse job

  33. ironing, because you think you’ve finished and the next load is ready for you, and most of the time it ends up on the bedroom floor!!!!!!

  34. cleaning the toilet…. i dont think i need to explain why :/ yuk!
    also the windows as i always make them worse, and im scared of heights

  35. Cleaning the oven 🙁 However this is historical. I have now found a cleaner that makes light work of the job and experience has taught me it only takes about 15 minutes if I do it every 6 weeks or so as against a couple of hours in the past. 🙂

  36. Cleaning the windows, no matter how well you think you’ve done them they always look streaky when the sun hits them. Well mine do at least.

  37. I hate ironing, it takes too long and then my daughter screws it all up when looking for a particular top she wants to wear and it looks like I haven’t done it!

  38. I hate mopping the kitchen floor – it only ever looks good for a brief moment and then someone or something walks all over it again 🙁

  39. Ironing! Detest it! I always try to fold things straight from the line or as soon as the tumble dryer has finished to avoid it. Its soooo time consuming!

  40. I hate all of it atm! I’m in the middle of a big post-school holiday clean up. I have a larger than average sized family and all the kids were at home all Summer. There is so much to do to get back organized that I feel like it will never be back to normal before Christmas! I think the windows will be the worst though!

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