Animal Fun with Meadow Kids – a review

Animal fun with Meadow Kids

You may remember that we reviewed some lovely items from Meadow Kids not long ago. We were thrilled when they asked us if we’d look at some new items for them.  Monkey has been having animal fun with Meadow Kids recently.

Animal Fun with Meadow Kids

We received a Dinosaurs Stamp Set and a Mix & Match Animals Pocket Chart to try out. Monkey is dinosaur mad at the moment and as soon as he saw the Dinosaurs Stamp Set he wanted to get started.

Animal Fun with Meadow Kids

The Dinosaurs Stamp Set is aimed at children aged 3 years and over.  It comes with 8 Dinosaur Stamps, an ink pad, 5 felt tip pens, some paper templates with envelopes and a perforated colour booklet.  The set is contained within a 2 drawer box, which keeps everything neat and tidy.

Animal Fun with Meadow Kids

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of felt tip pens so I hid these (naughty Mummy alert), personally I’d rather see some colouring pencils included in the set.  But Monkey just wanted to use the stamps anyway.  Having animal fun with Meadow Kids gave him his first experience of ink stamping – he loved it.

He’s been stamping like mad since this set arrived.  The stamps are quite small but are just the right size for him to hold easily and hold in place to stamp.  He’s used some of the templates included in the set, but is just as happy to stamp on plain paper too.  It’s a big hit, and the ink pad is still going strong.

Monkey has loved making up stories as he’s happily stamped away.  We’ve both been really impressed with this set.

Next up in our animal fun with Meadow Kids adventure was the Mix & Match Animals Pocket Chart.

DSCN7274This set comes with a double-sided table top stand, 48 flash cards, 36 mix and match animal cards, 12 learn and play prompt cards and a wipe board marker.  Again, it is aimed at children aged 3 years and over.

animal fun with Meadow Kids

I have to be totally honest, this set hasn’t grabbed Monkey’s attention yet.  I’ve had it out a couple of times and not got very far with him.  I’m going to stick with it as I can see that this set will be useful as he starts to read and write at school.

He can practice his words on the wipe board section – copy, select the correct animal etc.

Animal Fun with Meadow Kids Animal Fun with Meadow Kids

I think younger children will love the mix and match aspect of this set; finding the right parts of each animal or creating weird and wonderful animals from their imagination. You can use the stand to hold the mix and match pieces, but you can just as easily play on a table or floor with them.

We look forward to seeing what our next fun surprise package from Meadow Kids holds. You can see the full ranges available on the Meadow Kids website.

disclaimer: we were sent this items in exchange for an honest review






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  1. Those stamps are so cute – such a great little set. We are mad keen on dinosaurs at the moment so LP would love those x

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