Having fun at CBeebies Land

Having fun at CBeebies Land part 1 #CBeebiesMagKidsGoFree

Having fun at CBeebies Land

On a rather wet Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, Monkey and I headed up the motorway.  We were going to be having fun at CBeebies Land thanks to the lovely team at CBeebies Magazine.

You may remember that I recently posted about the #CBeebiesMagKidsGoFree campaign, offering free children’s tickets to a number of attractions across the country. The CBeebies Magazine team had arranged for us to spend the morning enjoying some educational, fun activities at the Alton Towers Hotel.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

We arrived early, so it gave us a chance to look at the wonderful ship in the centre of the hotel.  Monkey was enthralled.  As other blogging friends started to arrive it was a chance for the kids to meet.  We then got to meet the team from CBeebies Magazine headed up by the Editor, Steph.

After a sing-song, we were split into 4 groups according to the children’s age.  Monkey was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people, and took some time to settle.  We started off with a drawing activity; based on one of four well known CBeebies characters. Monkey decided to watch the others in our group rather than make a drawing of his own.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

We then had Peter Rabbit story time with Steph.  Monkey was much happier with this, especially as food played a key part!  The children were able to try different food and decide what Peter Rabbit would like to eat.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

Next we moved on to some Swashbuckle fun – I knew Monkey would love this as he’s a big fan of the show and pirates in general.  We had fun making a pirate hat and decorating a pirate badge.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

Our final activity was having fun with bean bags and learning about animals.  Monkey decided to sit out on this activity, so we watched the other children enjoying themselves.

The children had all been having fun at CBeebies Land, and were thrilled when a couple of special guests arrived – Postman Pat and Jess the Cat.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

Monkey was still feeling shy, so we watched from the sidelines as the other children went and said hello.  You may remember that we have met Postman Pat and Jess before, so maybe that was why Monkey didn’t want to say hello again.

He did receive a lovely certificate from the team at CBeebies Magazine along with a fab goodie bag.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

We love the CBeebies Magazine here, it’s always full of fun activities and stories featuring some of Monkey’s favourite characters.  Don’t forget that for the next couple of months you can get 2 free children’s vouchers to a number of attractions across the country too.

After all the fun and games of the morning it was time to venture out into Alton Towers and to visit CBeebies Land for the first time.  More on that coming soon.

disclaimer:  we were given a goodie bag and free entry into Alton Towers following our fun session with CBeebies Magazine





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  1. I must get N a Peter Rabbit magazine as part of his road trip pack. Been meaning to check it out for ages!

    Looks like it was a great event. Hopefully we’ll get to go soon.

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