Pride of Oven Pride Summer Challenge #ovenpride

Pride of Oven Pride Summer Challenge

We recently received our Pride of Oven Pride Summer Challenge from the lovely team at Oven Pride. Enjoy time in the garden with your BBQ, but don’t worry about spending a lot of time cleaning up afterwards as BBQ Pride will save the day.

Pride of Oven Pride Summer Challenge

We were sent some vouchers to buy the ingredients and accessories for our BBQ party.

Pride of Oven Pride Summer Challenge

Now we did have one slight problem, we are not great BBQer’s and have only ever used disposable ones in the past.  So instead of buying accessories to make our party look ‘pretty’ we decided it was time to join the majority and buy our first proper BBQ.

Pride of Oven Pride Summer Challenge

Once we’d assembled our new BBQ, I set to work preparing some salad, and left Daddy P to man the coal face!

Pride of Oven Pride Summer Challenge

Cooking and preparation done, it was time to relax and enjoy our dinner.  for the three of us to actually eat together is quite something these days, so it was all the garden party we needed.  Simple but rather scrummy.

Monkey loves eating outside, so it’s nice for now to upgrade from a cold picnic to something more exciting.  He loved the whole BBQ experience and was eager for us to have another one.

The nice thing for me was knowing that I didn’t need to stress about trying to clean our new BBQ when it had cooled down.  I just opened my BBQ Pride, followed the instructions using the rack bag and got on with other more exciting things!  No mess, no hard graft.  Happy days!

disclaimer:  we were sent vouchers to complete this challenge

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