Ten weeks done – #GetGoodSummer

So the 10 weeks of the #GetGoodSummer challenge end today.  I may have been totally rubbish at scheduling posts to join in, but I have a few successes to share.

1. Swimming a length

Regular readers will know that last Friday I swam my first length of the swimming pool, and I did it from the deep end.  More than I ever thought was possible, but I was so happy that I achieved it within the 10 weeks of this challenge.

2. Quality time with Monkey

We had a wonderful summer together and I missed him terribly yesterday when he started school.  He loved CBeebies Land, especially the Postman Pat ride.

Ten weeks done

We went to Charmouth and had a great time on the beach with Daddy P.

Ten weeks done

Had a wonderful time at Bucklebury Park Farm and Cotswold Farm Parks.

Ten weeks done

As well as a great day out at Lollibop 2014 – we’ve certainly made some memories this summer.

3. Cross stitch – Monkey’s Christmas Stocking.

I’ve cracked on with this, but it does take ages.  I’ve very nearly finished the main stitching now.  Then it’s a case of back stitching all the outlining, before I can finally stitch the actual stocking together.  I may be putting a shout out to borrow a sewing machine rather than hand stitching if I’m running out of time!

Ten weeks done

4. The Be Simply Great Challenge

I failed with the press ups and planks but in general I exercised well and have been eating healthily.

5. Memories photo album for Monkey

We now have an album and I have my computer back with all my photos on it.  I didn’t complete this before today, but it’s a project I’m going to finish whilst Monkey is at school.

So all in all I’m quite happy with the results of my #GetGoodSummer challenge.  How about you?


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