Green Toys Seaplane – a review

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I can’t quite believe it but we’ve reached the last of 6 Eco Friendly Toy Tests for Bigjigs Toys.  Let me introduce you to the Green Toys Seaplane with Green Wings.


The Green Toys Seaplane is available with either green or yellow wings and is aimed at children aged 1 year and over.  As with all the other Green Toys we’ve tested for Bigjigs Toys this year, this lovely seaplane is made from recycled plastic milk bottles, contains no nasties and is dishwasher safe.

I’ve been a fan of this Seaplane for some time and was thrilled when we were offered the chance to review it.  Monkey has all sorts of vehicles, but an aeroplane that floats! That’s a while new idea for him.  Although this toy is aimed at children over the age of 12 months, I honestly believe that children aged 3 years and over will get the most out of this item. Although it’s nice to know it will be a safe toy to have with younger siblings or visitors around.

Green Toys Seaplane

The propellers rotate and the pontoons can be filled with water for added fun at bath time. Monkey loves aeroplanes and we’d been reading about seaplanes in one of his library books.  He was very excited to test his Green Toys Seaplane out in the paddling pool earlier in the summer.

Green Toys Seaplane

We talked about when you could use a seaplane and I told him stories about seeing them in Dubai and the Maldives.  Monkey decided that his seaplane would fly to Spain and land in the lakes near Granny’s house.  All aboard.

Green Toys Seaplane

As will all the other Green Toys we’ve looked at, there are lovely details.  The cockpit it just big enough to fit a Lego minifigure as a pilot and you can see all the gauges in front of him. More discussions about what the gauges would tell our pilot.

The Green Toys Seaplane is great fun, whether you use it in the pool, bath or like Monkey – zooming around the living room looking for somewhere to land.

The Green Toys Seaplane is lightweight, so easy for young children to manipulate through the sky but robust enough to survive any number of crash landings.  It’s a lovely toy, which has given this 4 year old many hours of imaginative play time since it landed here.

Priced at £14.99 I think it would make a great present for any young aviator and certainly something a little different with Christmas around the corner.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.



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