Swimming and Ten Pin Bowling Success #SSAmazingAchievements

Yesterday was a very special day.  Firstly it was Monkey’s best friend G’s 5th birthday. Monkey couldn’t wait to get to school to wish his bestie Happy Birthday; it was lovely to see.  It was going to be a busy day for Monkey – full day at school, straight off to swimming lessons and then straight to G’s birthday Ten Pin Bowling party.  I have to be honest, I was expecting tears, a meltdown and a disaster by the end of the day.  I certainly wasn’t expecting swimming and ten pin bowling success.  Well, it would appear the Monkey had a few surprises in store for me.

I picked Monkey up from school; we’d discussed going to G’s birthday party for a few days. Mummy I only want to watch, have you told G’s Mummy?  Yes, don’t worry, she knows that you only want to watch – it’s fine.  Let’s go to swimming and see how you get on.  Ok, Mummy, I’m not going to get upset today, I will sit down with the others.

Uum, ok.  I normally have to walk to the poolside holding Monkey’s hand and the teacher has to take his hand and lead him away with the others.  Some week’s there are tears, some weeks he is just very hesitant. Today, yes, I held his hand and walked to the poolside with him.  He said hello to his teacher, let go of my hand and sat with the other children.  No fuss at all – wow.

But he had a bigger shock for me.  This week the lesson was all about confidence on their backs.  A few weeks ago Monkey really didn’t like being on his back too much at all.  By the end of this week’s lesson Monkey was swimming on his back, totally unaided.  It was wonderful to watch!  Swimming success and a very proud Mummy and teacher.

Swimming and Ten Pin Bowling Success

So after a quick change it was time for Monkey’s first experience of Ten Pin Bowling.  I was really unsure about how he would get on.  A new environment, probably noisy, with some people he wouldn’t know and a Monkey saying he didn’t want to join in.  I could see the next few hours going horribly wrong.

We arrived before the birthday boy and before I knew it Monkey was pretending to be the next Fernando Alonso. He wasn’t bothered that I hadn’t put any money in the simulator, he was happy just pretending.

Swimming and Ten Pin Bowling Success

The birthday boy arrived, the food was ordered for after the bowling and we were shown to our lanes.  Mummy, I want to go first, please!  G’s Mum and I exchanged amazed looks. Ok,  you can go first Monkey.  G’s older brother showed him how to use the frame and he was off.  He had a wonderful time, he loved Ten Pin Bowling.

Swimming and Ten Pin Bowling Success

When he wasn’t bowling he was off with G, having fun, being little boys. He’d come back to me from time to time, but my little boy was being independent.  It was so wonderful to watch. It was a wonderful day, I was so very proud of my little boy, he made so many big steps yesterday to becoming a 5-year-old in December.  One happy Mummy.


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  1. Hello there, that’s fantastic, and so lovely to have a nice surprise! Really glad he enjoyed his day xxx #ssamazingachievements

  2. What a fantastic day for you both, Monkey gaining all these new experiences and you having some very justified proud Mummt moments. Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements 🙂

  3. Such big steps for him, it sounds like an amazing day for you both. Don’t they like to surprise us! I really want to try bowling with Ethan, I think he would love watching the ball and rolling it. Your post has made me want to try it soon, I think he needs a treat :0) #SSAmazingAchievements

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