The Alphabet Photography Project U is for Upsizing

The Alphabet Photography Project U is for Upsizing #alphabetphoto

Week 21 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project. What to pick for U???? I’m really hoping that I’m not tempting fate with this post! My The Alphabet Photography Project U is for Upsizing.  Today, finally after a disaster in customer service and lack of communication Monkey should be upsizing his bed!  Today his big boy, I’m all grown up now, single bed should finally arrive.  I’ve had the confirmation text, so fingers crossed!

The Alphabet Photography Project U is for Upsizing

Monkey should have been upsizing his toddler bed last Monday.  His new wooden, single bed had been ordered a few weeks ago and was booked in for delivery.  His bedroom was cleared, I’d prepared him for the change.  Mummy I don’t want a new bed!  Monkey, you really do need a big, grown up bed for you and all your chums!

So I waited patiently all morning for the text/phone call to tell me Monkey’s new bed would be arriving within the hour.  By 11.10am, still no phone call or text.  Uum, the bed was supposed to be delivered by 12 noon.  I checked the email order and hit the ‘where is my order’ button.  There is a problem with your order, we have tried to contact you (such a blatant lie) please ring this number.

I was fuming.  I’d had no email, no text, no phone call.  Argos had had my money for two weeks.  I rand said number, oh yes, this bed isn’t in stock and we have no idea when that will change.  But you accepted my order and have taken my money, and made no effort to contact me.  The bed was meant to be here today. The best thing you can do is choose a different bed.  Right, ok, grabs catalogue, checks a second choice.  Yes, we have that in stock.  Oh good, when can you deliver???  Oh, the system won’t let me change your order.

Hold the line.

I can’t change your order, I need to escalate this issue.  Ok.  I’m thinking I’m about to be put through to someone else.  Oh no.  We will call you back within 48 hours.  What? Ok, the clock is ticking.

If someone, anyone from Argos had actually bothered to contact me before the day Monkey’s bed was due to be delivered, yes, I’d have been a bit frustrated, but nowhere near as annoyed as having no information.  Why do these companies think that this lack of customer service is acceptable?  Having worked in the sales side of business all my working life, I just find the current lack of respect for the customer appalling.

Anyway, off my soap box.  48 hours came and went, still nothing.  I did eventually receive a call from someone who had no idea of my order history.  Where is the system information in Argos to prepare their customer service staff properly?  I’m ringing to arrange delivery of your bed.  Oh good, which bed? Oh, let me see. I explained the situation and he confirmed it was the second choice.  Ok, good.  We can deliver on 1st October.  Ok, between 7-12, ok, would you like us to let you know an hour before delivery that we are on our way?  Yes please.

Can you answer this survey for me on my performance?  What?  You’ve done your part rather well, but there is something seriously lacking in other areas.  Of course the automated survey isn’t really interested in that.

So we’ve waited patiently, not truly expecting Monkey’s new bed to arrive.  But last night I received a text – we will deliver your bed between 7.30-9.30am.  Wow, ok, this could actually be happening. Monkey could finally be upsizing!

We’ll be sad to see his toddler bed go, and he will miss his duvet cover sets but hopefully he’ll like the ones I have for his single bed.  I can still remember the fun and games I had getting him to stay in his room at bedtime when he realised he could actually get out of bed.  We’ve read so many bedtime stories in that bed, I’ve cuddled him and held him when he’s had bad dreams.

I’ve held his hand when he’s been poorly and yes, I’ve stripped the sheets at 2am when he’s not been well.  He has grown up in that bed, no longer a toddler, but now a grown up school boy.  Today, hopefully, Monkey is upsizing, a new bed, and undoubtedly a change around in his bedroom.  I might actually be able to sit on the edge of this new bed at bedtime for story time!  No more floor for old Mummy.  They’ll be plenty of room for all of Monkey’s chums and actually room for him to snuggle down for the night.

Upsizing and growing up – fingers crossed anyway! Or I might be seeing more of this ……

The Alphabet Photography Project U is for Upsizing


6 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project U is for Upsizing #alphabetphoto

  1. We need to upsize middle man. I am with you on the cutomer service. I used to work in the MD complain office at a large computer company and 9 times out of 10 all the customer wanted was to be updated on everything. x

  2. Oh wow, congratulations to your little Monkey! Love the last photo, he looks so cute 🙂 And I know how frustrating chasing after orders online. Sigh. Hope his big-boy’s bed comes soon! x

  3. Companies that blatantly lie and think we’re stupid are clearly stupid themselves – I for one wouldn’t choose to use such a company again. I’m having a similar “we called you” blatant lie from a holiday company about the return of a security deposit and it makes me so angry so totally feeling your pain (a little too first-hand) on this!

    Hope it arrived and goes well x

  4. Aaww… such a big moment, and how unfortunate Argos have been such a pain. I hope the bed arrived and your wee one loves it! We need to upsize DD too, and soon.

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