Fun in the rain with Holly & Beau

Fun in the rain with Holly & Beau #RainbowsintheRain

Fun in the rain with Holly & Beau

Walking to school we have no choice but to embrace the weather conditions, whatever they may be!  This autumn we will be having fun in the rain with Holly & Beau.

Holly & Beau are a brother and sister team who have used colour changing technology originally used with nappies to make clothing and umbrellas more fun in the rain!  We received a Magical Colour Changing Umbrella in a Cats and Dogs pattern.

Fun in the rain with Holly & Beau

The first thing we noticed with our new umbrella is the size.  Monkey’s current umbrella is 56cms long, but the new Holly & Beau umbrella is 65cms long – making the opened umbrella much larger.  I wasn’t sure if Monkey would be able to handle it, but it’s lightweight and very easy to put up.  I think I could probably get away with using this umbrella myself.

The weather has been so kind to us recently that we haven’t had a chance to put the colour changing capabilities of our magic umbrella to the test.  That was until this week anyway! Mummy it’s raining!  Right let’s see what happens when it rains cats and dogs on your umbrella then Monkey.

Fun in the rain with Holly & Beau

We left home with a blue umbrella with white cats and dogs ……

Fun in the rain with Holly & Beau

…… but as it rained ……

Fun in the rain with Holly & Beau

…….. the cats and dogs transformed and burst into colour.

It’s a great concept to have fun in the rain with Holly & Beau.  I think Monkey would prefer to see trains, rockets, tractors or diggers change colour if I’m totally honest, but I can see a whole host of range extension possibilities suitable for boys and girls.

Priced at £14.99 these colour changing umbrellas are a great idea to bring a bit of fun into the months ahead.  To keep up to date with all the latest news from Holly & Beau why not follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

disclaimer:  we were sent this umbrella in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. I love the jackets but the umbrellas are great fun too. And not a bad price as they’re not much more than the umbrella that N has.

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