Our picnic tree

Our picnic tree #VitaPicnics

Our picnic tree

We were recently asked by the team at Vita Coco Kids where our favourite Autumn picnic spot would be.  I knew the answer to that straight away, our picnic tree at Blenheim Palace.  The tree that we had picnics under with our NCT group from the time the children were a 5 or 6 months old, the tree we return to as a family, our picnic tree.

Now the idea was to return to our favourite picnic spot for an autumn picnic, but of course ‘someone’ had different plans!  On the only days we could go for a picnic recently we’ve either had torrential rain or either Monkey or I have been too poorly to leave the house. Typical.  Ok do I have any photos taken in the autumn at our favourite picnic tree – it would appear not.  In fact it would appear, that although we’ve had countless picnics at this particular spot, I only have one photo of the location, with no picnic in sight.  So I ask you to go with me, use your imagination and join me at our picnic tree.

Our picnic tree

Imagine if you will that the leaves are turning and falling to the ground, the roses in the rose garden behind us have long since passed over but there is still beauty all around. Grab your picnic blanket and join us under the middle tree, our picnic tree.

We have picnics all over the place but this spot will always remain our favourite picnic spot – Spring, Summer or Autumn.  In fact, it’s probably true to say that Blenheim Palace is one of our favourite places, we visit often.  It has shaped so many memories of Monkey’s childhood, that this particular picnic spot will always be held close to my heart. Sleeping, feeding, nappy changing, weaning, crawling, toddling, walking, growing up – our picnic tree has seen the lot.

If the weather behaves and we can keep further germs at bay, maybe we’ll be having a Halloween half term picnic under our favourite picnic tree. We’ll be sure to take some Vita Coco Kids with us too.  We were handed samples at Lollibop in the summer, and they were an instant hit, I even took a couple to Spain last month for Monkey to enjoy.

Our picnic tree

disclaimer:  we were provided with a Vita Coco Kids picnic hamper to assist with the writing of our entry in their #VitaPicnics competition.


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