Postman Pat the Movie DVD

You may remember that I mentioned a while ago about Monkey’s first trip to the cinema. We went to see Postman Pat the Movie; as you all know he’s a big fan.

Postman Pat the Movie DVD

Our first trip to the cinema was a big success and I was thrilled when we recently received a special delivery!

Postman Pat the Movie DVD

We received the Postman Pat the Movie DVD which was released on Blue-ray and DVD on 29th September this year through Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  Monkey already had this on his birthday present list so he was really rather chuffed.

We sat down over half term to catch up on the action.  Pat’s wife Sarah dreams of a trip to Italy and Postman Pat (voiced by Stephen Mangan) is hoping to surprise her when he gets a bonus from work.  But things don’t go to plan when there are no bonus’ at work.  Oh dear what will Pat do?

There could still be a happy ending; a TV talent competition is coming to Greendale and the winner of the final wins a trip to Italy!  Well I bet you never knew that Postman Pat could sing?  With a little help from Ronan Keating, our favourite Postman makes it to the finals in London.

Then the fun begins. Enter the rather evil Edwin Carbunkle who appears to want to take over the Special Delivery Service, and probably the world!  He invents the Patbot to take over Pat’s deliveries whilst he is in London.  The Patbot has none of Postman Pat’s caring ways as the villagers all think the fame of London has gone to Pat’s head.  No they can’t tell that they are dealing with a robot rather than their friend.

Monkey loves Postman Pat the Movie with the exception of one part towards the end of the film.  He’s quite a timid little boy and there is a scene where multiple Patbots keep Pat away from the finals and take over the stage.  He got really scared at this point when we were at the cinema.  He’s still not keen now, but he knows that Postman Pat is a hero and he’ll always save the day.

I’m not going to ruin the whole story for you, but Postman Pat fans will love his first movie and I can also recommend the soundtrack.  My son now loves Ronan Keating, The Saturdays and Girls Aloud so I get to listen to some non kiddie songs in the car these days!

Postman Pat the Movie runs for just under an hour and half, so it holds a nearly 5 year olds attention well.  It certainly gets a big thumbs up in this house.

I can see a lot of children receiving this in their Christmas stocking and it’s currently on offer at Amazon for £10.00 (you can click on my affiliate link below to order).

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.


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