Project 365 Week 46

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 46 Days 313-319.

Sunday 9th November – Day 313

Project 365 Week 46

After our busy day in Birmingham yesterday we were in need of a quiet home day.  We watched the Remembrance Sunday service from London in the morning.  I was amazed that Monkey remembered the Cenotaph from our visit last year.  Daddy P needed to put some things away in the loft and decided to show Monkey his old Hornby train set. Monkey was in awe (even though some of it had certainly seen better days)  Daddy it’s made of metal!  Remember those days?

Monday 10th November – Day 314

Project 365 Week 46

A nothing much happened sort of day.  Monkey was back at school, I’m still trying to catch up with blog posts and cracked on with those.  When Monkey got home from school he decided to do some work in his Alphablocks magazine.

Tuesday 11th November – Day 315

Project 365 Week 46

Armistice Day and a day I dread coming round each year since 2011.  I was so pleased to be invited down to London for the Jacques Vert Group SS15 press day.  It was a wonderful distraction and just the lift I needed.  I had wanted to make another visit to the #TowerPoppies, but conscious that I had to be back in time for the school pick up, I decided to visit an old friend instead.  I’ve loved Paddington Bear since I was a small child and took a stroll through Regents Park to meet this handsome chap.  One of the #PaddingtonTrail bears.  I so need a full day in London to spot some more!  Although, like everything he’s not quite the same as the bear I remember.

Something wonderful happened in Monkey’s swimming lesson, but more on that on Monday!

Wednesday 12th November – Day 316

Project 365 Week 46

Guru Gramps’ birthday today, so we rang him first thing in the morning.  It’s so lovely now Monkey will talk a bit more on the phone.  Then off to school for him and I went off to Jado Chi for my second session.  So relaxing and really good fun, I’m just rubbish at it! After school Monkey decided to read his school book whilst I cooked dinner.  I am so loving this!

Thursday 13th November – Day 317

Project 365 Week 46

Good morning Mummy!  Love this kind of alarm clock, he cracks me up.  Monkey had a good day at school and I got a few jobs done at home.  Then after dinner Daddy P came back from work for a bit and we all went to the Literacy Evening at school.  It was interesting and I’ve realised I’m not using pure sounds on a couple of letters.  Daddy P hasn’t a clue so hopefully it’s helped him a lot.  Monkey loved us all learning together.

Friday 14th November – Day 318

Project 365 Week 46

Monkey didn’t fancy wearing his Spiderman pj’s to school for the Super Heroes theme day for Children In Need but he loved the idea of being A Super PC Monkey instead.  Actually I’d much rather he wanted to be a real hero anyway.  He had a lovely day at school and came out full of it.  I picked up my new contact lens and some fabric for my next sewing machine project.

Saturday 15th November – Day 319

Project 365 Week 46

We got up to thick fog so I knew the journey up the M40 to visit our Special Sheba would be interesting.  Snapped this whilst we were stuck in road works.  We had a lovely time with our friend before heading off to one of Monkey’s school friends birthday party on a near by American Airforce Base.  Ten Pin Bowling fun was had by all and one very tired Monkey and Mummy were both in need of a good nights sleep!

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  1. we had thick fog last weekend as well, does make for difficult driving, and you will always get idiots speeding regardless.
    Policeman looks like a good hero to me. Paddington is like Pooh, made to look nothing like the originals in the books.
    the poppies looked amazing

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