Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham #CountryKids

We were meeting up with Monkey’s godmum and her daughter at the beginning of the month and we try to find somewhere new to explore each time we get together.  They live in Wiltshire, so we’re always on the lookout for somewhere that’s easy for both of us to reach.  She suggested the Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham and so off we set on a wonderfully sunny November morning.

I had got a bit confused because I thought there was a RSPB Nature Reserve at Thatcham, but apparently they are one and the same thing.  It’s now run by Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust and I can thoroughly recommend it.

Firstly, parking is free which is always a great start as far as I’m concerned.  We donned our wellies and walked to the visitor centre.  Godmum and I always need a cuppa and a quick catch up before we set off on an exploration!  The kids couldn’t wait to see what lay beyond the windows.

It was such a glorious sunny November morning that we sat outside on a picnic bench to enjoy a drink and a snack whilst looking out over the lake.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

The children were fascinated by all the waterfowl.  Ducks, swans, geese and seagulls were aplenty.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

We noticed that there were a few different walks, all more than manageable for a 5 and 8-year-old.  We decided to try the longest walk, the Open Water and Wetlands Trail – a 3km walk that would take us around the reserve and along the Kennet and Avon canal.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

We were off.  Sadly GodMum V’s inbuilt Sat Nav is as bad as mine, so we took a slight detour, but who cares!  It was just lovely to be outside in the sunshine in November!!!

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

There had been a Halloween trail up during the week and Monkey and Miss M were busy finding the remnants as we walked.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

The view over the water was lovely and we got to see some beautiful birds.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

Monkey spotted some swans and we kept on walking.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

The children would run ahead and we’d catch them up.  I have to confess to getting a little panicky with Monkey near water, but I tried to let him have the freedom to explore.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

The trail is an easy walk and we could sit and watch the world go by or stroll along at our own pace.  It was so tranquil, a really lovely way to spend a day.

Monkey was in his element, water, nature, bridges and the prospect on a canal.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

I liked the different aspects to this particular trails, lots to keep us interested as we moved to the edge of the reserve and wandered along the tow path of the Kennet and Avon canal.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

We came up to a set of locks and watched as two narrow boats navigated through them. Monkey loves canal boats and is always fascinated when we see them on our trips out and about.  Time to take a break and enjoy the action.

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

Mummy I’m hungry!  Ok, let’s head back to the visitor centre and grab a bite to eat. He was off!

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

Over our lunch we discussed the various birds we’d seen on our walk.  I wished I brought my bird book with me, but most we had an idea of what they were.

Here are some of the beauties we saw on and around the water.

After lunch the children explored the activities inside the visitor centre before heading outside to the wooden play areas.  There are two for different age groups and the kids had great fun.  I took a moment out to have a cuppa and look who came to visit!

Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

We had a wonderful time at the Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham, we will most definitely be back!

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  1. What a great place to meet up. Plenty of space and so much to see. I love the look of the canal boats and those gorgeous robin photos at the end. I could do with one of those sunny days, to many wet ones here this week! Thank you for sharing with me on country Kids

  2. It looks beautiful there and lots of different areas to see. Woodland and water always go down well with us, but add in the canal and the locks, fabulous! #CountryKids

  3. Now I love the look of this-I agree with Sara. Woodland, water and canals are a brilliant combination. Plus, the birds too. Not that I’d have much of a clue what we were looking at (think you might need to lend us your bird book!)

  4. We really enjoy going to Thatcham – they have some great family activity events on too so keep an eye out if you’re back there.

  5. Lovely! We haven’t been out on a nature trail since we visited Wales last month. Must find one nearby. Little Monkey is growing-up. How fast time flies, isn’t it? I certainly feel that way every time I look at my 4-year-old daughter and wonder whatever happened to my baby? #countrykids.

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